Making of O-Campus

    We started exploring sustainability in small form with the development of our Campus which is 60
  • The thought on the back of mind.  The thought got triggered in Manthan when the "personality of faculty" became important for kids and parents.

    1. Are our session becoming "aunty's session?"
    2. Do children define the session by which aunty in the session?
    3. Do we give the session our own personality?
    4. Are we a learner in the session or a figure in the session?
    5. Am I a resource in the session or the driver in the session?

    Few more thoughts


    Today’s topic was brought by kids “how should we use resources during holidays and non session days. We began with analysing “what are our needs, how the material is procured”.

    Our needs

    • Feel comfortable
    • Accessibility or resources
    • Do
    • Enjoy

    After thinking aloud, pondering, questioning, expressing  we reached an understanding

  • Prakash and Hema came on Saturday to O-campus and just announced "we are starting kitchen garden in O-campus on Sunday morning, if anyone can come "join".  And it started!!!

    Few kids joined, rest continued with their work, few adults joined, rest continued with their work and we began a new chapter in O-Campus.

    Perosnally for me the key is in doing and this also remidned me a post shared by Jerry on FB.

  • Monday morning when we came to the pink house, we smelt something missing – and soon we were informed by Manji Akka that when she came in the morning the lock was opened.

    Initially kids took it just a information, and soon things started unfolding. Big scissor missing, spoons missing, watch missing, cloth string missing……………and today morning we explored our newly acquired cornflakes bowls also missing L

    Hmmmmmm kids want to go for outdoor to police station on Friday to know if police can help us – we have only one spoon in the house – I asked kids should we buy new spoons?

  • Our source of entertainment apart from inspiration
    Watch the video online.
  • I have been talking to Rat on making of team for O-campus.

  • I am part of learning society. After last LSU near Mumbai (I attended for the first time, with the intend to understand community working). We had some issues with the way it was organised, the host had his own reasons, the people had own expressions. Some of us have decided to take this as learning experiences and we are churning HOW do we take this forward?

     I liked the last line “there is no need to compete with each other, since we complete each other”  Below is some excerpts from our communication

  • We started with scheduled task for body genie sessions at O-campus – mornings 6:30 t o 7:30 am – walk, yoga and cycling. I hated conducting yoga session for them and teaching. During exploration  they took lead, they enjoyed, they learnt, they explored – but I hated my role to conduct sessions.

    Kids did, we got the results, we explored a lot.

     After two weeks we made it open  left it to kids to do HOW they want to do during that time. They set their goal, they decided how they want to achieve that goal, they reflect on how they are doing.

  • In April-May – we set up Pink house with basic minimum facilities and we thought we are ready to rceoev children with all things in place,

    As we experienced pink house for last two months we began our drive to make it more organised with all our resources – the travel and rat led to evolving pink house  to next level.

    As we were settling with our travel plan , we introduced, racks, Almirah and other facilities at pink house, this brought another evolution at O-campus,

    The journey has been beautiful with kids TOGETHER.

  • Many times we make images of people and then every word is seen in that perspective - I have been victim of those images - I have been talked a lot behind me for my expressions, transparency and being talking face of Aarohi.

    Although,  all these images has made me very apprehensive about people around me, my scare to hurt others or being misunderstood by others is on its peak. I am on my journey to break that belief and want to continue with the same faith and trust in human beings.

  • We have been serving variety of food on platter – including turai ki sabzi :)

    As if now there is not any force on any child – how much to eat to and what all to eat.

    Few times we did interact with them when fruits and Namkeen both were served together, some kids indulged in Namkeen and did not touch fruits - they were just asked to explore fruits with namkeen – not all but the kids who have showing patterns of not eating fruits. Some are naturally eating all kinds of food.

  • Me and Namrata spoke about food at O-Campus. We would like to explore various food, keep the variety and also the kind of food kids are used to at home. In Hindi we have saying “khana me kami nahi  - no cost cutting in food”.

  • We were wondering “use phenyl or not”.

    I have reached a stage, where I am questioning all existing beliefs – milk or balanced diet or disinfectants or fridge or electricity.

    So for me it is not that we can use, we should not use or can we use? It is more about exploring

  • We are on our journey to make life settling at O-campus.  After travel it is the facilities at pink house....................

    After experiencing the life at Pink house, we have come to the conclusion that we need few more essential things to make things running smoothly,

    Kids, me and Namrata have made our plans to invest in some Almirah, open shelves etc – all will be re-usable in O-Campus,

    We are suspecting the budget of 25,000/-.

  • Gayatri had fever at O-campus, turned into phenomena and she was hospitalised for a week.
    Asa had fever and then food poising (in Bangalore) and then jaundice.
    Yashas had fever yesterday in the night – fine by now

    Well, this led to some anxiety in me - thinking “water” and water of village is even horrible (beliefs).

    Well, me and Namrata talked about it, we realized that this is only our anxiety – kids are not even aware. We all together went for a village survey – spoke to various people about water and drinking water.

  • First train journey at O-campus

    The overall experience has been good. Encouraged for more experimentation.  Planning to experiment with FOUR days at a stretch at O-campus. Next week we all will stay Mon - Thu at O-campus.

    While we were getting down from the train, we were calculating HOW all will get down in a minute, One child expressed "aunty some way will come out by itself, we all will find our way to get down".

  • Good news  travel cost is high
    Geed news  we have to manage food at O-campus
    Good news  - its raining, our shelter is flooded
    Good news  - we have rat menanace  inside the house
    Good news- some kids do not like the food

     We were carrying loads of luggage from home to Gk to Pink house and to campus and back the same journey.

  • We started with 7 kids who wanted to go for live station. I took interview “what is your objective?” What do you think will happen in live station? Three dropped out when they were asked to first design the kitchen by self and then go for live station to add value in kitchen designing.

    3 dropped out – 4 continued.

    One expressed – I never knew I can design so nicely

  • Thursday -Friday trip was a difficult time at O-campus.

    One child got fever
    Gayartri got fever in the night
    Care taker did not come – had some issue at home
    One child locked himself inside the car with the key inside
    Had to plan train journey with kids
    House was extremely dirty
    On Friday just when we had to leave one of the car key got lost.
    As we reached one child crossed the road without looking around

  • How does one express in community

    • One can question others
    • One can express agitation
    • One can accept others

    For me it is important to be genuine – If anyone is agitated or negative – I am fine.

  • We were together working on “mission  travel” at O-campus.

    Firts round we all explored q’s on our mind. Few kids said “We already know all the answers, I am just telling”

    The q’s were - Will train leave us, will train wait for us? Who will buy tickets? How do we reach O-campus from station? What will happen to schedule? What about safety? ............

    For travel to O-campus – Kids planned to bring their cycles – immediately some calls were made to parents, Vishal uncle and all arrangements done :)

  • The latest at O-campus is to drink “coffee”.

    We keep boost, coffee powder and sugar – all in one place, take what you want.

    Since last week some kids are taking coffee instated of boost.

    We have not said anything

    My personal thoughts – Coffee is as bad or good for kids as it is for adults. This is just a one of the wave – kids will settle – some may continue to drink, some may stop.

    Share your thoughts

  • Dear O-campus Parents,

    Below are the details of travel plan. We will have one preparation session with children at O-campus to plan the travel with them. Share your thoughts.

    Mission Experience Travel at O-campus
    for children to be able to be part of decision making, involving in travel plan

  • My niece is in 4th yr architecture – she came with her friend to O-campus to experiment and try what she has been studying J

    Well, the day one the first thought was to arrange taxi for them to reach O-campus

    Second thought was “they are capable”

    Both reached O-campus in 4 hrs, travleld by bus – they called me once to know the village name, rest they found their way :)

  • Hanging in the shelter has gone thru an interesting phase – when we occupied the shelter, we had clear no for hanging, as with every hanging the shelter roof was shacking, One day Venkatta came and told “I have made this roof, nothing will happen, hang …………..and after that kids revised the codes “you can hang, if the roof breaks, repair, If you want to hang during the session – hang and come back.

     Since then we have seen some real “Jaggu Bandar” – doing all kinds of tricks. Every time they hang I see the shaking bamboo sticks – I am just observing “myself and kids both”.

  • Mission Experience Travel at O-campus
    for children to be able to be part of decision making, involving in travel plan

    Stage one – Experience travel with driver driven two cars.
    Dates – 9th to 13th July
    The plan – We will hire two drivers  - to and fro.
    Expenses – Rs 3200/- for one week (mon to fri)

  • WE

    Friday was a happy day for us at Aarohi campus. Sriram and Ganesh both wanted me to get various “photos” of mud construction. They said “we will make it beautiful”. They also suggested some designs of doors and windows – I explained my needs with my actions, drawing on the floor and also hand movements.

    I felt the feel of "WE".