Information Access

1 Information in Aarohi Website

  • Google Community - this is the main place of all information exchange between children, facilitators and parents. Ensure that you are a member of the google community and please participate in all discussions. Connect with Ratnesh if you need help.
  • Child documentation - is updated weekly by child / facilitator on activities the child was involved during that week. This is your child specific. Available in google community only.
  • Learning at Aarohi - gives you a detailed view of Aarohi 35 (Multiple Intelligence based) Abilities, of Aarohi Content Guides, self assessment, design of activities, etc Visit this link (Public Pages)
  • Blogs - is updated by facilitator or child or even by a parent - contains photos or videos or commentary of what happened in Aarohi or some views or reviews etc. Not child specific. Visit this link (Public Pages)
  • Resources - Articles, presentations, videos etc on parenting, learning etc Visit this link (Public Pages)

2 Information Sheet (a private Google Doc) contains following:  

  • Children Sheet - Contact details of Aarohi children and their parents
  • Campus Sheet - Contact details of Team Aarohi and Support staff at campus 
  • Calendar Sheet - Weekly Calendar
  • Daily Schedule - Tentative daily Schedule

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