Help us not waste any waste

Update [8feb-2013] 
1st Wish has been fulfilled. Mohit & Nidhi have sposored 15k for Baffle reactor with Settling Pit !
2nd wish has also been fulfilled. Subramanya Uppala & family have sponsored the 18k for reed bed & Polishing pond

Whenever we're at the campus  - every time mother nature inspires us!

We realise how nature is a zero waste system - where every bit is a wonderful resource - everything is recycled! Hence we're inspired to let no waste go out of the Aarohi O-campus. To use each type of waste the way nature does. To not use any other energy, other than the solar, gravitational and bio-chemical transformations that mother nature provides.

We just need three wishes to be fulfilled to make 'O' (open) campus into a '0' (zero) campus:
Dewats and zero waste system fo Aarohi

Be the Genie, fulfil the 3 wishes and help us not to waste any waste. Sponsor any of the following:
  1. Baffle reactor with Settling Pit - uses anerobic reactions - fulfills 100%  sanitation needs, saves 1.2 lakh liters of water every year itself - Rs 15,000/-
  2. Reed Bed and polishing pond - uses reeds and gravel filtering, houses fishes, saves 5 lakh liters of water every year -Rs18,000/-
  3. Bio methane plant - use everything from kitchen - gives 160 kg  of cooking gas (8 LPG cylinders) for a year and compost for kitchen garden - Rs25,000/-
Click here to know in more detail / see our drawings etc.  about above three. 

You can sponsor full amount of Rs 58K, or any one of the three component or even just a part amounjt (Say 10 K).
Click here to make donation via online bank transfer amount to the Trust's account.

Do make our wishes for Zero Campus come true
In gratitude
Aarohi children and O-campus team
Contact Vishal & Ratnesh on 91-98450-45833, 91-80-2520-2510, 91-80-411-61-575