Camp Logistics

Arrival - Departure (Drop and pick up to /from O-campus is arranged by the parent. You can drop yourself or car pool with other parents)

  • We would start at 10am on Day-1 - See How to reach O Campus for travel options from Bangalore. You can come in early on Mondays
  • We would end at 4pm on Day-5. If you need you can stay back and leave in night.


Kindly ensure the following apart from personal clothes and toiletries:

  • Basic stationary like pen pencils, eraser and a note book
  • one pair of outdoor shoes
  • one water bottle and 
  • one torch 
  • Also during summers many of children like to sleep in open (all Aarohi's regular children are already sleeping on rooftop) - so preferably bring a sleeping bag or a yoga or a sleeping mat / a personal blanket.
  • The size of the bag that the child brings is small - so that the child is able to manage the bag by self. Avoid too many clothes, any extra stuff (like books or games) and definitely avoid personal snacks.
  • It is highly recommended that children (and even adults) do not bring / use gadgets for entertainment / social media during their stay at campus. We have a mobile phone (No: 8277-318-447) dedicated for children to talk to their parents anytime of the day. So please do not send any gadget with children and parents can also use it sparingly.

Stay details - Almost all details are captured in the following presentation - so this is a MUST read. If you need more clarifications / information - email or call us