Admission Questionnaire

Aarohi Pre-Admission Questionnaire (Totally 10 questions)
Please write in as much detail as you want – all details expressed here will be kept confidential and will not be used for any other purpose except for knowing the child and his or her family better.
Please with copy-paste your responses or put them in a word file and email to: aarohi at

 Child's Name & Age

Parents Name

  1. What Home, informal and formal education your child has received till now. Give a detailed account of same including what has benefited your child, what has not. 
  1. What according to you is the purpose of education? 
  1. What kind of education are you looking for your child? (a kind of dream education which will fulfill the above purpose). What all specifically is the role of the school in this dream education?  
  1. What according to you are your objectives / role as a parent? How is this aligned to the purpose of education? What you think is your role in child’s education? 
  1. Describe your child in about 100 words - what kind of person he or she is? 
  1. What are the reasons you would like Aarohi for your child’s education? Specifically how does Aarohi fulfill #2 and #3 above.
  1. What all according to you Aarohi will not fulfill? What are your concerns with respect to Aarohi kind of life - education? What according to you could be some issues during or after education at Aarohi? 
  1. What is your understanding of how children learn anything at Aarohi. In what all different ways does it happen? 
  1. What kind of involvement can you commit to your child’s learning at Aarohi. (Please specify number of hours per week; and also in what areas can you contribute to the child and the school. 
  1. What are some of the priorities for you, as a family, in life - talk about the top three.