Aarohi & Affiliation

Is Aarohi a school? Is it affiliated?
No Aarohi is NOT a school.
It is not registered with government education deptt or any educational body (CBSE or ISCE etc).

Aarohi is NOT affiliated to any educational board.

In that case, what Is Aarohi? 

Aarohi is an alternative education space or learning center which allows children to pursue what they want to learn, when they want to learn, how much they want to learn and at what pace they want to learn. 
Aarohi is a learning center where children come as "open" candidates.
Aarohi does not purport itself to offer formal education. It is rather a space for children to come together and learn - with varied resources, all aged peers and sensitive facilitators and guides.
So each child is technically being "home schooled" and is coming to aarohi to further their learning.

Why is Aarohi not affiliated or registered with the education department?
Aarohi proposes to offer a learning alternative to the formal education. It offers options in terms of curriculum and syllabus. Hence, to keep itself "open" it is not affiliated to any educational board. This gives children and parents complete educational freedom. Since we want to be similar to unschooling we have purposefully not formed Aarohi on the lines of a formal school. 

How does RTE (Right to education) Act effect Aarohi and the children coming to Aarohi? 
Home schooling as we understand RTE is acceptable under RTE act. 

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We have reasons to believe that government will allow home schoolers and other open candidates to use open schooling options and let alternate education system flourish.
Education Minister has said to press that RTE is accepting of parents who can afford home education or home schooling (See above news item here).

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However if at some stage it is imperative for the parents to admit their schools in a registered school and the government is not accepting parents using a combination
of home schooling and alternative learning centers like Aaorhi - Aarohi will take adequate measures to get due affiliations. At such a juncture will ensure that whatever statutory requirements are complied with. 
This is a promise we are making to all parents. However till such time we can function as a completely autonomous body with open options to all children - we will prefer to continue to operate in this fashion. This is in line with the open spirit of Aarohi.

How does child complete requirements of 10th or 12th level examinations. 
First examination at 10th std level is already made optional by boards like CBSE. Hence, 10th exam is not an important exam - unless you want child to attend per-university (PU) college. Otherwise the child can continue to do 11 and 12th as open candidate. In any case the child can give 10th standard exam as an open candidate with

Similarly the child can choose any of the above two for the 12th std or equivalent exam- specially when seeking admission into any college.

So what are we doing about RTE

  1. Participating in some collective action by group of alternate schools and home schoolers of India - the group is writing to the Education Minister to bring about appropriate change in RTE itself to accommodate alternate schools and home schoolers.
  2. However, if #1 does not happen and if we may require compulsory affiliation - we will make necessary changes in our system to ensure that we follow the govt. guidelines.

As a concerned parents - we would like you to be EDUCATE about what s happening and what you can do

  1. You can subscribe to "alt-ed-india@yahoogroups.com" - where a lot of similar mined parents are taking action
  2. You can do more research and be part of this movement to let our kids not get educated in the system we do not believe (belief that you as parent is no in favour of existing education system and hence opting for Aarohi approach where CHILD is the driving factor)
  3. Both the above will help you in having faith in your decision to opt for a different approach for child's learning and growth


Open Learning Foundation is the beginning of a realization of a common dream of parents with expertise in various areas of human efficacy lead by the indomitable spirit and commitment. So this small movement came into a formal platform.

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