Yashas, His journey of language proficiency is interesting - began with struggling some years back and now as if out of nowhere he is quite comfortable with both reading and writing - specially reading. His vocabulary is growing and spellings required to write clearly is increasing. He likes to do projects alone. When it comes to work in group he struggles, finds it difficult to convey his thoughts and also understand others thoughts. Finds it difficult to think about how others do not necessarily have the same preferences and sometimes there would be conflict because he want to do things in another way as compared to others. He has done very less formal mathematics, but his calculations are just perfect, he has his own methods to calculate. He loves working with earth and he work for hours in the sun - this allows him to play and practise sports for hours, work in garden or any outdoor activity for hours without any complains. When a problem comes he finds it difficult to think solutions, He finds it difficult to follow instructions and follow other's point of view. At Aarohi we challenge him with doing task in different ways, detail out the work, find information from various sources - he struggles but when he does, he discovers the genie Inside him.