Vaibhavi, 10yrs old observes keenly and brings ideas to add value. Absorbing learning is her strength. She struggles to cope up with independent thinking or doing things differently. She can reproduce the instructions with ease. But when it comes to make own instructions she struggles. We add to her struggle with constraints to work with various kinds of people and learn from them. At Aarohi she is encouraged to make mistakes, try something unusual, not produce beautiful things for others to appreciate and open up genie inside her.

She shares "I am the youngest in my family, everyone are talented in different ways.  Some of the ways that they are talented in are; dance, art, cooking, acting, tatting, photography etc. Some of my family values are - Not sending guests without feeding them. Getting together often. Doing activities together. Talking to guests and sharing thoughts with each other. Making guests feel comfortable. As much as possible eating natural food. Not taking english medicines. Belief in natural healing through rest and diet. Freedom to choose what they want to do eg: cooking, helping, playing, watching TV, etc. Supporting each other when in need. Acceptance of each other Eg: Ideas, thoughts, etc. Surprising each other Eg: Birthday, wedding days, etc. Reporting about opportunities competitions, tours, etc. 
Treating each other with food. Understanding each other. We do not follow any religion, we follow spirituality, we meditate to pray god.  As children below 17 years are not allowed to meditate.  I do prayers and do relaxation.

My interests  are - art, science, culture, designing flyer, embroidery, cooking, music, reading, learning languages, gardening. Things i am working on are- art, culture, cooking, reading, gardening, science.

How i am working on is- i am working on art by selecting  some hands on work related to art and also by sketching. Culture i am reading a book of indian culture and learning. Cooking i am finding out different recipes at home and am trying to do at aarohi. I am reading a few books which i like and i read it every night to learn and understand.

Gardening  I joined team veggi and sometimes in active- me i do gardening. Science I am reading a few books of science and learning about different animals. Two things I would like to do are- learning flute, learning music.