He takes part in various activities. He has shown interest in activities like wall painting, cooking, hands on work, bird watching, gardening, paper folding, art and craft. He is enthusiastic to conduct sessions for others like planning, community sports, music jam, news reporter, planning and reflection. He bloom when accepted, at Aarohi he is accepted for what he is. He is gaining his confidence in self to discover that buried genie inside him.


He Shares - Aarohi has given the opportunity to be in the middle of the nature and enjoy nature and also observe nature closely. Aarohi gives me complete freedom to plan my daily activities and also is slowly facilitating me to take responsibility to complete activities that I have planed. I have got chance meet and interact with a lot of new people from this I have learnt a whole lot of new things. I always wanted pets and Aarohi has given me pets. I am learning to take care of pets. Every Friday we go to outdoor visit to meet people and learn about their work like granite factory, rose farm, petrol bunk, Rayakottai Fort hill, and Akshya Patra. I also got to do rock climbing and trekking. Most important Aarohi has given me self confidence to stay away from my family and take care of myself and my daily needs. Aarohi is teaching me to be aware of others safety and my safety and others needs too. I also went on a three day out station trip for the first time along with Aarohi family. This is a truly wonderful thing from Aarohi. Aarohi has believed in me which has given me strength to do all of this.