Davin, 13yrs old. Sharp in any learning. He likes many things including astronomy, parkour, making movies. He likes to dream and dream big. He struggles to fail or others knowing that he does not know something. Discovering self and genie inside by making things which are new and unknown to him. Working on feedback and taking up challenges to prove inner self. 

He says 'Talking to my imaginary friends and real friends going higher in sports work fitness and studies. So long my projects are tree house , reverse video shower and chapter wise maths studies . I will little bit explain how im growing in each of my projects. In tree house was a little lost what to do but I found my way and come back. In reverse video I finished my video but i have to find a software to reverse. In shower I have to find a way to hang the bucket on wall . In maths i'm improving so I am going to make every project of mine a big success and live the life I want to'.