Arsalan, 15yrs old, Understand the value of feedback and likes to work on many different things, Few things he has discovered about himself which he never knew that he would like, eg: bird watching. He likes interacting, talking and being with people and knowing their stories. We encourage him to talk to different resource people visiting campus. He knows his own struggles. When he makes mistakes, he struggles to expose his mistakes and failures. We encourage him to make more mistakes. He learns deeply with each mistake he makes. He is open for feedback. He introspects with ease. What he learns, he likes to teach others and expect them to learn with his experiences. He sometimes fails as he wants to impose his learning on others, we encourage him to teach formally. He struggles to bring formal teaching as this needs more than just one opinion or one learning. He struggles to keep up focus on one task and gets distracted in other's struggles. We encourage him to stay with one task and work deeply on one task. He may be hesitant to exploring new ways of approaching the same thing, like - he will start book reading with enthusiasm and loses out in no time. The time goes in spending more time in knowing what others are doing or should be doing. Feedback and introspect helps him to come back and start his journey again, He goes through this cycle many times but his willingness to learn and to do something helping him to discover genie inside him.

He shares 'Our family consists of four member. Me, Mom, Sister and Father. Father is a banker, Mom is a housewife, Sister is in college. My family likes Aarohi because it's different. And that I like Aarohi because I have a learning space in Aarohi, we all like doing different we learn from our mistakes. We help needy, we are kind,  we fight also with each other . We then sort it out! We follow ISLAM; and  humanity. we like failing. We also love going out doing diffrent things. My father is passionate about buying Mom likes cokking food. Sister likes doing art and designing her room. I like something that is interesting. Aarohi is a place where I can spend time on my intrest. Aarohi is a community where I work on my intrest. I also like being in Nature, birdwatching, forest-walk, tree climbing ( trains). Meeting new people interacting with them.  I love doing these things My family also likes cooking giving feast to people. I also like going in adventure trek, rock climbing, gardening and many more things. Aarohi is like a temple for me who made me from where to where! And just that you should have that strength to change. Special Thanks- Aditi , Ratnesh and Leela for supporting me. I Love my Family'