Community at Aarohi

We love the concept of open, organic and child driven learning. As Aarohi evolves, we are constantly learning, trying, erring, fighting, caring, enjoying, and growing.


By profession Architect, but I have been doing counseling to parents and training workshops for parents and teachers and been enjoying working with children since 1999. The best part about living and working with children is that I am excited about everything in life - right from potato chips, to rappelling, poetry and singing to dancing to sketching to technology to making things, to, to, to laughing silly over everything. I am an organizer, a creator. With children and Aarohi, my life is constantly evolving.

I started my journey of Aarohi, when we started homeschooling our daughter. Mother of two (11 and 18yrs old) I enjoyed each moment of homeschooling/unschooling/ with Aarohi. My son did not go for any formal schooling, daughter went till 5th std. 

Davin - - talking to my imaginary friends and real friends going higher in sports work fitness and studies. So long my projects are tree house , reverse video shower and chapter wise maths studies . I will little bit explain how im growing in each of my projects. In tree house im a little lost what to do but i will find my way and come reverse video i finished my video but i have to find a software to reverse. In shower i have to find a way to hang the bucket on wall . In maths i'm improving so i am going to make every project of mine a big success and live the life I want to. now my age is 12yrs 3 months i will become 13 and be a teen my name davin joseph mathew and i am signing off .


Dhrupad - - Hi I am dhrupad and I am a member in Aarohi life education trust. And I would like to share my interests with you. So my interests are sports programming flying planes and sketching photography. so my dreams are to become a pilot flying a Boeing 747 and I want to be a captain. And my other dreams such like selling sketches and making a app that tells you where you are in the city. And I also want become a photographer for a news channel. And what I contribute to Aarohi  is I am part of a team that makes a tree house so in that I am good in knots. and almost everyone comes to me to tie knots and I thank you to read about me.


I enjoy cooking and take care of the campus. I am ready to help children in ensuring their stay at O campus is comfortable.






I am an VLSI Back end Engineer by profession. I have done my AMIE from Indian Institute of Engineers. I am from a middle class, orthodox family. I have experienced in my life, what empowerment really means and how it helps a person to take up any challenges in life. I strongly believe in the concept of life based learning rather than knowledge based learning. I believe in learning through joy, fun and understanding that are based on real life needs. I would love to take the Aarohi way to many more children




I like nature walks, travelling, drumming, making things, reading poetry, watching movies, playing both indoor and outdoor games / sports, watching stars, gardening, ... and the list keeps growing all the time. I enjoy doing things with children - specially theater. I have been working with children, and doing workshops for parents and teachers since 1999. I like designing learning resources and activities. I enjoy O-Campus and community life at Aarohi.







My name is Sahil, i am 15 years old. i am also a part of Aarohi community. i have many interests like photography and it is one of the main interests. in that, i like wildlife photography, other than that i click portraits of people, macro and landscape. other things that interest me is bike riding, bird watching,long distance cycling. i also love listening to music.








 i like ghost, boxing, wave board ,cat movie makeing robut ghost books city big. hobby is  buterfuly live in banglore. what do yu do all kids des







- I am Shreyas, you can call me Sreekutta.  I am 7 yrs old. I live in Bangalore, I come to Aarohi campus by train. When I am travelling I like to observe outside. I like to do photography. I would like to visit to USA, China, Japan, Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia, London, Mexico. My hobby is photography. I like to do playing hide and seek. One more hobby working in tree house. What food i like in campus is poha. What is my work is documentation. My interest is drawing.



I like to work with my hands - specially making things our of mud, cement, bamboo etc. I take care of the O-Campus - constructions, repairs and trees!







I like watching movies,playing video games, playing chess,football etc. I am not a very social person and I like to go on long walks and get lost and come back alone. I like jungles and i love roaming in them. I was a home schooled kid for 12 years and then I joined Aarohi. I used to live in many  places before. I was born in a village in the outskirts of Bangalore, named Guddahatti and we later shifted to a place near Bangalore called Kittaganahalli. I spent 6-7 years of my life there and we later shifted to a place called Chittanahalli. I spent 4 years there and we shifted to a place named Tiptur.









hi my name is SKANDA I like to dance and act and to play old games like Kabaddi Khokho and other games. I explore interesting things.  My hobby  is writing and playing. I am contributing pet house for rain protection for dogs and cats.






I love cooking. I also like playing with children. I primarily take care of the kitchen at O campus.













My name is yashas.  My hobby is football and cycling .  I live in INDIA. i like to be organised place. I like bikes and dogs. I want to visit ARGENTINA , USA , LONDON , BRAZIL, GOA, MEXICO, DELHI, MALAYSIA. MY favorite player is MESSI. I like to make things and loomands and play batman and kabaddi and playing other games.

I like my Aarohi campus.





- I am Radhika Gupta. My home is in Lucknow, I am part of Aarohi. I am taking part in different project like treehouse and wall painting. In Aarohi we all live together. My hobby is fashion designing. I like to eat junk food. I like to make some things from my hands ands and sell it and get money. My mother's name is Anjalina Gupta  and my father’s name is Munish Gupta. I have a brother named ansh. My wish is to become a fashion designer.








 hello my name is Twesha i like to make origami things and i'm handy in art and craft i love cats and in nice at dancing bad at singing and i love playing with toys and gadgets.











i am Syed Arsalan Ali Raza i like to to do jungle walk , bird watching, doing different things  spending time in nature, do something that is challenging, and to read books i love facebook  i like watching movies listening songs  and i like to live my life with different style travelling is my passion.             






hello my name is Advik i am 10 years old . my hobby is horse riding , crafting and playing gadget and sports . like kabaddi and   football