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Visit to Sirsi

The trip to Sirsi was to explore western Ghats by being in the place. Each one of us had the different experience, we went to the different place and we did different things.

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Owl Watching

Owl experience.

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My Journey of PMO

My journey of PMO, ( PRESENTER MEDIA OFFICER ) all it started by a small notice,  that made me interested to work on it. 

with determination went for Interview, had a long talk about what i want to learn, how will I Face my challenges and many other...

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Community Sports

Community Sports.

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Exploring Rock Climbing


Hello  everyone !

I want to write  my wonderful experience in  Ramanagram!

We boarded our bus from Lal - Bagh at 7:20. and after that we  left Bangalore, We had our breakfast on the way.from Tatte IDLI, the Idli were so big and that was my first time I  was having such huge idli.

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