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Friday special Sports

No occasion

No event

It was just simply “Friday special”.

Some like to play matches

Some like to win

Some likes to make teams

All needs fell into place with one Friday special - early morning matches, then another match then another match and that’s all.


Thinking Skills - Analysis

Just one theme “Analysis - thinking skills” allowed us to explore many other tools and concepts. 

We explored analysis using various modes: experimenting exploring, observing,  watching videos. Graph, Venn diagrams, making of statements,  comparison,  cause, and effect,  questioning Where all we make analysis in our daily life?  We started our session with thinking of pondering about an object in our hands.

Discovery of self

 Our kids want to become something  - a cricketer, a football player, a pilot, a trainer….ever wondered why do they choose what they choose?
We had three days intensive Jatre with some of them on “Intentions” of choosing what they choose.
It began with visioning with what one wants to become - We wrote our life stories - I am...I want 
Visioning Process - Think in the present tense, think as if it's happening now in your life...Imagine you travel in time machine and see yourself in future - How do you look - What kind of home y
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Gratitude is a habit of mind!
Yes, one can develop this attribute in our living provided we want it, we understand its value and we practice it.
This week at the campus in Aarohi we celebrated “gratitude”, The purpose was to create the awareness and leave it to the individuals to explore, practice and make it a habit of mind. 
Consciously we thought of things which help us in our living and one can be thankful for - Our thumb, our helpers, the services, the facilities, the environment, the weather, the phenomenon ...
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She believes in God, She believes in fasting, She believes in herself! She announced the celebration of Maha Shiv was not a community event but it was in the community! 
When one can announce "I am making a film", then why one can't announce "I am celebrating". We live in the community, we also live as an individual within the community with our individual needs.  She didn't need all to join, she alone was enough to start the journey.

Story of stars

Two young enthusiastic Amature Astronomers visited the campus just for one night and they added fuel to our astronomy interests. They started stargazing when in 9th std and have been doing the same for last nine years now. They are not science students, they are just excited about stars. They are part of BAS (Bangalore Astronomy Society). 

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Play Back Theatre

Practicing for play conference using a format of playback (or improv) theatre where children think, create and present on their own in a spontaneous environment.

Community Satsang

SatSang - As we explored the meaning (like-minded people coming together) or Company of good (sat) people! Thank you, Anita, Kamaraj, Chetan, Prapulla and Mr. Bashu for this wonderful day. The place (Dega farm) is a peaceful place which brought a natural peace to the whole process. The delicious food, love, and care of our host brought joy in the whole process. We together pondered.

What is life education?
Can education teach us about life?

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Grow and Glow

What is life education? What is open learning? Is it all about “what I want to learn, how want to learn and when I learn”? Is it so simple! 

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Sack of Hay

Our first crop - we got the sack of hay in bonus along with the Ragi. After cutting it the hay sack was very inviting to jump and play and just connect with. We have never touched a sack of hay or jumped into them. It was softer, it was bouncy, it was pure fun playing wrestling and flipping from the tree into that sack of hay!


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