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A spark

A little spark, A reason, A need - that’s all is about learning and living at Aarohi.

The occasion of Ayudha Puja was enough for us to make a show on our resources and understand ‘reverence’.  Each one shared one resource with stories and added drama. Stories of a Paint brush, Cello tape, Torch, Broom, Screwdriver, Cutter, Head torch,  Mug, Water bottle, Notebook, Shoe, and Drillbit came alive on Aarohi channel in show time in thought club.


Images - Same or Different

What will happen if you think about you as 'lazy' and you think that others also think that you are 'lazy' and also you are fine others thinking you as 'lazy'?

Now think that you think you as lazy' and you think that others think that you are 'active' and also you want are others thinking that you are 'active'?

So what happens when all your images are similar (as in scenario one). And what happens when some of your images are different ( as in scenario two)?

Salt in Kitchen Chemistry

Salt and its magic in the magic of one. Observation, prediction and experimenting in our kitchen - Food with or without salt, Cooking with or without salt, Metal and salt, Oil and salt, Salt and its sources, Different kinds of salt, Salt in history - Just a pinch of salt in our day to explore thinking, pondering, experiencing and observing.   

My Profession

What is your profession? Often the profession is considered when one “grows” up. Often kids say “when I grow, I will become”...question to ponder “are they not something today?”

Jatre - Toilet

Bad news - Stinking toilets due to lack of flushing water.

Good news - We got the opportunity to explore toilet plumbing and understand consequences of our actions!  

Jatre - Learn Spellings

We asked "How do you learn spellings?"

Many responded, "By how the word sounds; Breaking down the word / sound; By saying it; By memorizing it, repeating it; By reading, revising and so on.

But English is a phunny language, often the way we speek is not how we rite! In the world of words, tok and wok differently from how we see them.

So many spellings are not how we speak them. 

But ALL the spellings in English are how we see them (written). 

Jatre - Bharatnatyam

What is Bharatnatyam dance? Our first impressions something like this....Mudra, ancient, Like Kathak, God dance, Folk dance, It has moves, stories are told, traditional dance, jewellery, different dress and particular makeup, shake hands and legs, statue of Shiva, different Poses, you have Payal, balance, give exams, performances, expressions, involving in it, type of an exercise, practice...

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Stars assess self

Imagine  Aarohi where there are no tests and exams - because we believe that children can assess themselves, can reflect on this work on an ongoing basis. Also because children do not need to learn for some external objective (marks) but for their own love for learning. 

This term we assessed ourselves with parents by sharing our stars - we called it ‘STAR party’! 

Coming Together at Manthan

Manthan is an opportunity for the community to organize the community event where parents join us at the Campus to live altogether for a day or two. The planning for the event started with a  word game, the words which we connect with Manthan - Environment, Talk,  friendly, enthusiastic, Youthful, Yummy, Youngsters, yippee, Gupshup, Good news, Strategy, session, Thinking, thoughtful, technology, learning, leadership, Running, Enhancement, encouragement, environment, Participative, Munch and go. 

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Bad News - Good News

Every bad news is a good news.

I am slow and doing it slowly. There are expectations about the work. That's a problem and that's a bad news. Expectations push me to work fast,  allow me to fulfill the needs. And that's a good news.

The bad news is that it is difficult to read because I don't know the spellings. The good news is that I can learn new spellings. The more I do, the more I learn.

I find it difficult to find a riddle, the good news is that I can get some more knowledge.

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