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Who are we?

Who are we? - Are we parents or caretakers or teachers or just adults? Who are we as facilitators? What are facilitators? What is facilitation? We need feedback for our growth, we need to reflect on the roles we play.

Man Friday - Seenappa

When we thinks of a resource person, often we look at people who are known for their work and skills. But looking around and digging our own resources can be magical and satisfying.
Seenappa Anna joined Aarohi four years back to help us with in making our kitchen with earthbag construction. He was working as a daily labor, but his spirits were very enterprising. At each step when we were stuck or we tried something new, he would bring his wisdom and ideas to move ahead.
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Wash basin

New dry toilet did not have wash basin :(. After using it we needed a place to wash our hands. We put the constraint to use “junk” material.

Who Am I ?

“Who AM I?” Am I not many things - Am I a child only? Who is a child? Does the word ‘child’ sounds like someone who is helpless, does not know much or not capable? But when I see a painter inside me or a carpenter or a scientist - does that makes me someone different? Does that allow me to be me rather than just a child?
Yes, we reflected in our week and explored what all we were? The realization that we were many just in one week brought us closer to our own confidence.

Opportunities Visiting us!

Opportunities come to our lives at Aarohi in many different forms and this week was no different!
A heap of cucumbers brought an opportunity to set up cucumber stall.
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Wardha Students

A group of 25 young adults from Wardha, who are learning to be teachers ( part of B. Ed/ M.

We by WE

Cake burning for last three weeks, the dough needs understanding of fractions/ proportion.
Tyre seat tied up just like that, needs precision and marking.
Clay needs practice.
North Indian kids needs change in menu ( no rice means making of many Chapatis), so Akkas need help in making of Puri.
Sports need clear rules and understanding.
A visit to nearby schools to required for learning Mela.

Broken speakre needed a repair

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Jatre - Cyclone

Is there any difference between Cyclone, Typhoon and Hurricane? Do they change names with their nature or different countries? Where are cyclones formed? Why do they are born in Ocean? What is Tropic? Why cyclones formed only in Tropic oceans?  How does the difference if the temperature leads to Cyclone? What is the eye of cyclone? Why it is the calm part of the cyclone? Why eye keep moving? Why do cyclone die down or weakens near land? What is the mature stage of cyclone? What is the origin of cyclone?

Fear is good!

Fears are good! They allow us to learn more, keep informed and go deeper into the topic.
Few kids going to nearby ponds. Some of them shared the concern of "what if someone is drowning?". This led to a training on drowning! A little research revealed that none of us knew anything about rescuing a drowning person. The first realization "don't jump into the water to rescue. Let this be the last rescue technique".  We dug deep into - Why someone drowns? What happens while drowning? How to save someone drowning? What after drowning?
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Me - We Documentation

This week it was about exploring creativity through - Visualization, Collection, and Constraints. Many of us are very much familiar with ‘constarinst’ (we experience many at the campus). But it was difficult to find the difference between thinking and visualization. And also to collect out of the box (as one of the children expressed). 
We decided to explore it together - often we document our weekly journey individually - this brought an opportunity to do it together and we named it “WE” documentation.


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