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Bhoomi College

16 adult students of Bhoomi College, students of Holistic Education programme joined Aarohi for a day to explore the open learning. People from various backgrounds - software engineer, human resource, corporate world, finance, PhD in Physics, Engineering graduate, IT professionals - degrees did not meant for them, they are starting the journey again with questioning the concept called "education".

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Questioning for Learning

Questioning  - not to question but to ponder. The week we asked questions, we asked why, how, how else, what, more and so on - Questioning?

 Questions can be about anything – experience, learning, self, and others and so on. Questioning is not necessary to get answer. We often ask question to others as well as a lot of questions to ourselves.

Finding Nemo - Resourcefulness

Have you ever wondered about "Finding Nemo"? We all have ability to find that right Information or the resource we are seeking, but that is buried somewhere. A 3yr old child asks a lot of questions, while a 13 yrs old makes a lots of comments. Ability to find is lost and replaced with faults (in self, in others).

A sesssion on "how to find information" was to rekindle that ability to SEARCH and ASK those forgotten QUESTIONS (to self).

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Living with a Teacher

Who are our teachers?

The world is our teacher - anyone who is passionate about any kind of learning becomes our teacher. Living together with them not only bring exposure to learning but also bring an opportunity to explore various facet of the life.

Iban from Spain, who works in a train fabrication factory came for a week to volunteer at Aarohi and to explore the culture of India.

He shared his skills of football - got involved in playing/ coaching football with the children.

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Music in Life

Music bring people together (countries don't matter), changes your mood, transport to memories ... Often music is locked in "nice or bad". We limit music within playing instruments nicely or singing melodiously. 
Is it possible to explore music to enjoy life? 
Is it possible to find music in the heart which beats, air we breathe, vegetable we chop, book we flip, door we knock, steps we take and everywhere around us ?

Judgements and inner surface

Teen age brings excitement as well as confusion. A little listening, a little awareness, a little  understanding and that’s all to bring joy in this process of growing up. Teen club - exploring judgements and inner surface

Are we into the habit of judging too soon? Based on appearance (cool or dumb), based on the choices (modern or backward), based on interests (silly or smart) … sometimes we get disappointed (how can that person do that, that person looks very …)

Kids also judge each other

Teens also do that

Art of Movie Making

Thought club on movie making with Kannada movie director Madhu. Since childhood he was interested in drama, and he started started with directing dramas, writing stories and now into film directing. But the question one needs to ask "what you want to tell and why?"

He shared,

Movie means motion picture. It's different, how a film maker watches a movie or how a common man will look at the picture from techniques point of view. If you wish to make films, look at movie from a different perspective.

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Reflection to GROW and GLOW

Open learning does not start or stop only at “CHOOSING what I want to do”

But REFLECTING to understand why and how I want to do. What makes me work and what stops me from my work … here are some reflections

Community Voice - food

Bad News - Parents concern over kids food intake at the campus

Good News - Parents concern over kids food intake at the campus


Well, every bad news in our living at campus bring good news for us. Parents and adults have their own sets of anxiety, concerns, related to growing  - some of us have food high in our agenda while some have behaviour on our agenda - whatever is the agenda INVOLVEMENT and UNDERSTANDING takes the learning to different level.


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A letter to Teens

Dear Teens,

Children around your age – 14 to 16 yrs sometimes could be lost as to what to do. (This is true both for children in open learning as well as children going to school).

What we see is that there are three options in front of you / children:

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