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AKD - Estimation

AKD special - Estimation.
We use Estimation on daily basis - how much to cook? How much to buy? How to plan our day? How much profit? Why my idea will sell? Where to invest? - we estimate based on our experience or data available or analysis. 
Estimation is a skill we introduced in Jatre for AKD.

So it began with "how much to stock"?
If I am eating six biscuits in a day, how many packets of biscuits do I need to keep in stock?
How do you estimate? - By looking at it? By doing some calculations? Guess how many in one packet?

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Meaningful Conversation

Meaningful conversation in Our Jaatre - The purpose to experience 
Conversation which adds value to me, to others
Conversation which helps in knowing my friends more and deeper
Conversation which connects me with others


"Camping" was the word where it all began. Two of them started dreaming and just talking about it. With every conversation, their dream became bigger. 
Finally, they started planning - invited more people to join, wrote notices with details.
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Falling Sick

Bad news - Few kids falling sick very frequently 
Good news - Opportunity to understand food and health.
The journey began with questioning "do we know how does food gives energy?". 
Hmmm...only the discovery about food digestion, nutrition absorption by blood cells led to the understanding role of food in our growth. So when we consume food which doesn't have any nutrition value, then there is not much for the blood cells to absorb!

Counselling Circle - Peer Support

Bad News - One child received several concerns  - Abusive language, Teasing, Pranks, Shouting at parents, Taking other's stuff without taking permission, Misuse of laptop/internet, Touching others inappropriately

Good News - We get the opportunity to explore peer support!


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Jatre - Radiation

Bad News - Dome hall heating up.
Good news - We understood about radiation
The need to understand about ‘Radiation’ came from the need to make our Dome cooler. 
Yes its all about me and my experiences. A Jatre on radiation - where all the answers came from kids, most of them and not read physics or heat science. But most have experienced it in many different forms.
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What is Profession

Community Jatre, to connect to explore “profession”.   To help community connecting to understand the process and role of parents/ facilitator to go deeper into the concept of a profession. To facilitate the process of “what profession you are in NOW” the community came together. 

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Understanding Government

A trip to Town Panchayat office was enough to understand many civic chapters. The more important was to understand the working around our area - who arranges for the water? who is responsible for electricity? Who builds roads? How is garbage collected? What is govt around us?

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My Voice - Biscuits

The need of more biscuits was raised in My Voice . My voice is an exercise to express thoughts, concerns, a suggestion in a forum! Two kids raised in my voice “Increase the numbers of biscuits from three to six in milk timings”.

My Travel - My KAA

Travel is an amazing learning opportunity. Wondered, how one decides where to travel and why? We began with a dream to travel to a place of our own needs, choices, and planning. Often when we travel in the group for our outstation trips, they have a mixed bag of choices -some are mine, but some are not mine. MY KAA brings an opportunity to plan and travel completely with my needs. The dream is beautiful!

Impelemntaion is not so romantic.

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