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New in New Year - 2018

This began with a question what is “NEW”? Everone around was wishing “happy NEW year”.


He likes aeroplanes. He wonders how aeroplanes fly? He also likes watching videos on "how the stuff works?"
So both together became a session on "aeroplanes". He took an hour session with the community and explained all about aeroplanes.

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Story of perseverance

Story of breaking own boundaries
Story of power of visulaization
Story of trying
Story of failing
Story of peresverance


Standing on the board, riding the wave a rush of glory hit me. I landed smoothly on the shore and shouted out a victory yell. I looked out into the ocean and gave a huge smile to my instructor. I has successfully rode my first wave, I successfully surfed for the first time.

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Knowing life around us

Mr. Sarvanan, a certified snake rescuer shared his understanding of snakes. The topic itself has the huge number of questions. 

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Experiencing Life

Anyone coming to the campus and joining us for any duration is nothing but an opportunity interacting with more children/adults and creating a  space of mutual learning.  No plans, no activities, no classes. 
It's just the same mantra - 
No CURRICULUM - because we believe that children can decide what they want to learn, how much they want to learn. So children effectively choose what they want to do or learn from whatever is worth doing or learning in this world.
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Making of Ambush

It began with a little spark "let's make a movie".
Few came together and a made script. The script was highly influenced by their love of NERF guns and the books they read and video games they play.   
Well, then came the decision to choose actors - audition happened, voting for the best actor happened. It was set to shoot for the next day.
Few actors signed off by saying "waste of time".

Musical concert

Musical Concert at Aarohi
Each one presented a small piece of music of one minute. Some practiced for 10 minutes, some knew it already. 
When the show began none wanted to start - "I am remembering the rhythm, I will do it next, Not now, After some time....".
2-3 of us played the music and once the stage was set, many came forward.
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Jatre with Mr Narasim

Jatre with Mr. Narasim, a session of stories, not made up stories, but real life stories.  It was blessing to spend time with Mr. Narasim Katary, a young at heart 77yr old.  He is a retired state judge of Canada elected by people for three consecutive terms (each term is 5years) with amazing narrative skills and language. His forefathers hail from the Grand Vijayanagar empire.
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Our Teachers!

Who are our teachers? How do we learn without someone teaching us? How can we learn all by ourselves? These are some of the frequently asked questions to us. Well, we have no teachers, but the entire world is our teachers. Whenever we need to learn from someone, we seek people in that field and we have never been short of any teachers. 
An organization working with democratic schools wants our children to design a logo for their conference (IDEC) IDEC2017 happened in Israel -
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From a child view

The campus of Aarohi was designed with constraints - material, design, people, resources, budget and many other. The aim is to create an experience rather recreating what a child would anyway experience. 
Here are some pictures from a child’s point of view who found fascinating usages of different material in different forms.
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