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Small Hands

No hands are so small to make a difference. 

Four hands making a difference by handling bio gas and it's maintenance during the campus care.


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Jatre - Clocks

Horologist, a person who makes clocks and repair clocks.

Naveen, now a entrepreneur in making Montessori material started his journey with his family business of watches. They were Horologists !

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Jatre - Trees with Abhiram

Abhiram, a Khoji from Swaraj, shared what all he has learnt about trees and farming in last few years.

It began with pondering
How did life started on the earth?
What is life?
What is forest?
What all helps in creating life ?
How to water the trees? Or where to water trees? At the roots, around the trees and on the leaves?
Why do plants need water? Or do they need moisture?
How do plants survive in a country like India where we have rain for few days?
Where does the roots of plant grow?

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Tic Tac Toe

We all play games - we at Aarohi also use games to reflect and add value in our learning journey.

We played Tic-Tac-Toe in many different forms. We used the game to explore various skills we used the various works we did, what all we need to develop and what all we already have. The exercise was to get the vocabulary of various skills, explore that for to achieve anything we have certain skills, and we need to develop certain skills.  

 Some expressions

Self Feedback

At the campus, experiences come in many different forms. This week we traced the skills and analyzed if we needed to reduce or increase any activities or change our schedule.

Needs and Feelings

Bad News - Bad feelings for each other over some of the behaviors - “He took my stuff without asking me. He pushed me. He was teasing me. He was namecalling me. He was interfering with my work. He did not listen to me…”

Good news - Opportunity to understand “needs and wants”. And explore the alternate communication or communication of passion and expression.



Open any page
Highlight some words
Rewrite them
And a poem is ready.
And top it with some poetry reading,
Just the perfect recipe for an afternoon magic of one!

Maths Games - Fraction

Played the game of Rummy with Fraction.

Initial reactions were "let's play the same game as we played last time". Last week we played the Rummy with addition. But we when discovered that 1/2 is same 2/4 or 4/8, the game of RUmmy became interesting. We played and played. 

Games to play using playing cards -

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Under a tree

Lie down under a tree - Observe 50 new things. Look for lines, patterns, life, designs, feelings, thoughts and beyond....and write what you feel like about the tree. A poem, a letter, a note or a story. 

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Jatre - Bus Donation

Art of asking in Jatre on Bus donation. 
We have a bus for our library, we need money for the bus. So what do we ask for? We explored the power of persuasion.
Add Pathos (emotions).
Add Logos (logic)
Add Ethos (credibility)


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