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Peer Feedback

This blog is wriiten by Asawari,  she was part of Aarohi for few years and then joined Swaraj University at Udaipur and here are thoughts as guide, as learner and as a facilitator.
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FIsrt Aid Quiz

One way to learn and get trained about SAFETY - is by taking a quiz - which we have purposefully designed not so much to test - but to help assimilate important SAFETY information in a clear manner.
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Creative Life

Watched this documentary on Friday in continuation of our "Passions o profession".
The movie was chosen consciously to not to bring any excitement or bring cool stuff. Few found it boring, few found it slow.
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Ever changing learner

Journey of a 12yrs old, who grew up with the love for vehicles. As a child of 4yrs old he would draw and draw jeeps and buses and trucks. He even started to save money to buy a bike when he would be 18urs old.  Soon he grew out of vehicles and started making sand castles. The play will go on with wars, enemy, bridges and strategies. As a child of 5yrs old he never sang nursery rhymes, nor wrote alphabets.  But he would spend a lot of time with books and insist us to read books daily for him.

Just a minute FEAR

Jam just a minute - pick a topic and speak for a minute.

Topic was "my fears". 
We all have fear. But we don't talk about our fear much. We just spoke for a minute and that's all. None have a any suggestions to deal with it, none was looking for any solutions. We just came closer to our fears to embrace them, to accept them.

Growing own food

No knowledge, no degrees, no education in growing our food. Yes! this is where we began our journey of kitchen garden. All we had was desire to grow.  We experimented, we failed many times, we read, we met people, we tried many things, we understood our land (soil), we visited places and continued to work. Each harvest is celebrated, every failure is also celebrated!

Jatre - Halloween

Jatre Halloween - The eve of celebrating holy spirit. Hallow (holy spirit), Eve (evening). Namrata took us through the journey of this festival.
Its origin ( Celtics celebrating Samhain) to be safe from evil spirit.
Belief - Most culture believes that in some or other forms spirits visits us.
And that's the culture behind dressing up like evil and visiting neighborhood collecting treats.

We made mask for ourselves, collected treats, played pranks (officially), watched ghost story and played games together to experience this festival.

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Rivers and Pond

Three years back we just started planting trees.  We planted 100 trees in first batch, only 10 survived - we did not know how to care for the trees or simply we did not know anything about growing. We learnt as we grew with our kids at the campus. We experimented, we read, met people, we visited places. People who visited added value in our learning journey.

Second, we dug trenches to collect rain water to go back to the ground.  

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Scaling Up

We all dream of becoming something, we all connect with something or other but when it comes to doing often we are disappointed with our own lack of skills and our own capabilities. Each dream needs necessary skills to be developed - some skills we have , while some skills we develop. Isn’t education is all about that! Developing skills and growing with our passion.

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Cat's Home

Some kids at the campus during summer felt that the cats at the campus do not have the home. Kids of various ages got involved in making homes for cats using cartoon boxes. They watched vidoes on how to make cat homes reusing t-shirts and so on. Now that they had made the homes, they had put in efforts, they wanted cats to use those homes. When cats decided to not use those home, kids decided to lift them and put them in those homes. The creators will lift the cats and put them in homes while cats will reject and run away from those homes.


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