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Community Satsang

SatSang - As we explored the meaning (like-minded people coming together) or Company of good (sat) people! Thank you, Anita, Kamaraj, Chetan, Prapulla and Mr. Bashu for this wonderful day. The place (Dega farm) is a peaceful place which brought a natural peace to the whole process. The delicious food, love, and care of our host brought joy in the whole process. We together pondered.

What is life education?
Can education teach us about life?

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Grow and Glow

What is life education? What is open learning? Is it all about “what I want to learn, how want to learn and when I learn”? Is it so simple! 

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Sack of Hay

Our first crop - we got the sack of hay in bonus along with the Ragi. After cutting it the hay sack was very inviting to jump and play and just connect with. We have never touched a sack of hay or jumped into them. It was softer, it was bouncy, it was pure fun playing wrestling and flipping from the tree into that sack of hay!


The purpose of Education!

Ever since we started the journey of open learning, few questions are often asked, one of them is "If kids are allowed to learn on their own then they may miss learning everything?"

Carpentry with Murali

Carpentry with Murali...He creates wonder with coconut shells. He came to the campus to share his skills, joy and connection with coconut shells. He patiently guided each child who wanted to create with coconut shells. He shared the usages of various carpentry tools with passion and enthusiasm.

He says "it's not important what you do, but how you do is more important. Today it is carpentry, tomorrow it may be harvesting. Pluck that bean with mindfulness, not because the plant will feel nice, but because you will connect with yourself". 

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Learning Exchange - Russia

14 adults from Russia to understand learning/ unlearning, visited Aarohi. They stayed for a week to experience Aarohi. They were on their learning journey to India. Each one brought a different energy - While we continued with our life at the campus, they became part of us. Some joined us, some held themselves while some shared their learning with us. Some took sessions with us, while some joined in our sessions.

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City Planning

A Jatre on Indus civilization with Advik. 
His first presentation.
He was nervous to do in front of 14 guests at the campus, along with other kids.
He planned for an hour but it got over in 20 minutes.

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Think to Observe!

We observe thing around us, what about observing inside us!

Observing my thoughts, my feeling, my actions, my needs, my wants ... just observe. No need to analyse what am I observing.



Just pause and Wonder!

Just stop and Wander! 

Spend five minutes on wondering and wandering on the topic/task you start with.  Why there is hurry to just start and stop the work? Let's spend some time in wondering and Wandering.

I wonder If my heart was outside my body!

I wonder If mud was available in ice cream cones!

I wonder keyboard playing was like football!

I wonder If baking was done in hot water!

I wonder If I knew everything!

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