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Book sharing

How do we expand our choices? By sharing our choices with others in  the community! Book sharing, all of us (irrespective of the age) shared about book/s in closing circle on Friday to enjoy the world of books. 

A trip to Badami

Travelling teaches so many lessons, difficult to even think while sitting in the comfort of our homes. The trip to Badami was no different for us.

A group of 25 (7 to 50 yrs old) people, needed to board train in two minutes...we did it. It's not about that two minutes but the opportunity of a huge preparation behind that two minutes boarding.

Train stops at Badami for two minutes..we all got down safely. It's not about that one minute, but the responsibility each one took for self to ensure safe travel.

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How do Facilitator Grow?

How do facilitators grow?

learning from various people and experiences. Each Wednesday sharing circle for us to grow by reading related to parenting, growing or just adding value. Each week one of us bring any topic and conduit a training circle for all the facilitators (kids invited too!)



I used to be very paranoid about anyone falling sick in the family - a simple fever or cold was a like a medical emergency for me (I don't know about the sick person). May be because sickness for me meant slowing down my work and those headaches (specially cold and fever).

But Ratnesh around me was pretty cool - he would talk about the symptoms in detail (maybe influence of his mother who was homeopathic doctor), And the more importantly my sick kids, who are more energetic than me!

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Learning by Reflection

We have no concept of holidays at Aarohi  - we live and learn all the days of the year! Our places changes - campus, home, travel etc. Each term break brings an opportunity to reflect - detailed discussion with each family and this add value to the whole Aarohi community, and the whole process gives each one of us a chance to grow and bring clarity.

Celebrating Writing!

Writing is often associated with “correct” grammar and good handwriting...and often kids think/feel that they are not good in either of them, hence not writing. Ever wondered what goes wrong in appreciating beauty of writing?

Celebrating WRITING at Aarohi...writing expressions, writing notices, writing journal, taking notes...just write.

Outstation Preprations

There are two aspects of any outdoor trip for us at Aarohi.

One is the learning and other is living.

One is understanding about the places we are visiting, other is understanding what all we need to pack.

One is about the travel, other is about knowing the train number and timings

One is about excitement to travel, other is about arranging for the whole trip.

The learning journey in any outstation trip begins with the thought of going out!

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Rock Climbing and Tools

Rock climbing sounds exciting. Knowing and understanding our tools before we go for rock climbing is essential to begin our journey!

Yes, this is what we did today with Kowshik (our guide and me tired for this rock climbing trip).

What is Harness? Why do we need? How to use? How many loops? What is backup buckle?

Why we need helmet? What will helmet do us?

How would the rope go? What are the different ropes?  

How to use different knots? What is figure of 8? What is safety knot?

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Habits of Mind - Celebrating

Imagine when you get up in the morning you see a map on your mirror - a map of habits of mind. You randomly choose one of those, say perseverance. Now whatever happens during the day, in your you focus on perseverance.

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Opportunities - Jobs

Jobs at Aarohi - another opportunity to explore, experiment and experience. The jobs have different flavour - just because they are "jobs" they comes with a a tag of "commitment".


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