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Business persepctive

Often earning is limited to gaining degrees. But we fail to recognize our own strengths and interests. How about learning to hone our skills and sell them to earn rather earning by doing what we don't want to do.

The journey of Astronomy

We got a new telescope last year.
He got interested in assembling the telescope.
In the process of assembling he got introduced to using the telescope.
He got interested in setting up the telescope.
He would set up the telescope for anyone interested to watch the moon with its creators 
He would get up 5 in the morning to trace that rising star.
He got excited about more discoveries like another galaxy.
He took a session on Skywatch to share his learnings. 

The journey of flowers

She got interested in wildflowers.
She would go around the campus in search of flowers. She would spend hours observing those flowers, spot tiniest of the flower while walking around. 
This year she started reading about flowers in details. Then she got interested in taxonomy and she started reading more about them.
Now she is reading botany books to understand the structure of the various families.
And this was enough for her to give a session on "flower and their families".
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A week at Aarohi

One week at Aarohi is a lot to do and lot to experience. Someone visiting Aarohi said, “my days have doubled here, I realized I have much more time than I think”. We learn from each guest as they bring a different learning experience and inspire with their story and passion. The idea is simple. We believe that education is all about interacting and learning from others - how you are making a difference. We at Aarohi are always excited when people are willing to share their SKILLS with at the community.

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Climbing wall

 A small spark “make a climbing wall. A complicated design to begin with which was rejected by the team of kids. The idea of a simpler design to make it on the existing old bus wall was passed. Kowshik, a climber by passion joined, another visitor at the camps joined and loads of excitement was created with designing and implementation of the climbing wall. Kowshik wrote in his blog the story of the making of climbing wall at Aarohi.


Dreams and Action at Summer 2018 - Week two

Aarohi, is a kitchen, not a restaurant. A kitchen where you get the raw material and cook your learning for yourself. It's not a restaurant where you are served to learn. No pre-decided activities, no forecast of results, no teachers, no teaching. It all about dreams and desires one have for self. It's all about experiencing the journey of dreaming to doing.

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Gas Turbine with Kowshik

Often asked...who are the teachers in open learning? How do they learn?  We learn, not by teachers but by the people in the industry. We always don't learn only when we have needs. We learn whatever comes on our way as we are not chasing any curriculum or defined time or outcome. We learn without any curriculum as everything is the curriculum of life.

A session on gas turbine engines with Kowshik, an engineer, working on designing, gas turbine power plants. What is an engine? Where do all we use them? Why gas turbine?

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What is Mysticism? A session on mysticism with Aparna started with this question.

What is "Mystic"? Few words describing Mysticism - Power, believing, honey, grass, fire, tree, birds, rain, ants, leaf, moon, water, wind, sun, star, house fly, air, mountain, plants, sky...For a moment keep aside your information, your identity, your ideas, your name, your nationality, your thought, and plans.
Listen to music and stay with nature for few minutes.

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Story of outdoor gym

A small spark “make a pull-up bar for fitness”, few resources  - a ladder, few old tyres, few ropes, determination and lots of energy enthusiasm. That’s all was needed to make this jungle gym for kids of various ages.

Make one pull up bars to have more fun in our fitness routine

Make pull up bars for fun

Make pull up bars by ourselves

Make pull up bars to feel satisfied with doing and creating

Understanding the world around us

Frogs are slimy, yucky and wired.
Lizards bring screeches.
Snakes mean poisonous bites.
Are these some of the common images, impressions, and reactions about the insects and wildlife around us? At the campus with rain and heat frogs population has increased. Lizards, Spiders, and snakes were always around us. And all of them together brings screams, tendency to kill them or get scared of them.
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