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Sports day or play day?

Sports, Play and Games are integral part of our living at Aarohi. We play everyday (community sports), but sometimes we play whole day long and we call it “sports day”.

Sports day at Aarohi began with planning :). Some wanted to conduct the sports - the criteria was “all ages should be able to play and participate”.

The rules of the sports were adjusted to ensure participation of all ages. The purpose was to just play and we all played.

A day full of playing different sports.


Rude Responses

Bad News - Teasing and Rude responses.

Good News - Teasing and Rude responses.

Well, the helpmates brought an opportunity to express “a lot of teasing happening, for smallest of the question there is rude response and the communication lacking compassion”. Thank you Lakshmi for bringing this up.


Some said

May be freedom to express makes one carefree

May be needs more challenges

May be not aware that there is a problem (teasing or rudeness is fine)

Making of an audio story

We learned how to make quilt. We found  a story book in the library about a quilt maker. We used the script from the book to make our own audio story. We rehearsed, we recorded and finally edited … here is also the story of making of the audio story.

A visit to making of playground

We play in playgrounds, but experience of working with people who create the playground was an humble experience. An opportunity to experience, creating a physical outdoor playspace - How a playground can be created, How one can design, How one can implement, How one skill can open up the doors of opportunity and how one can work in a highly professional environment.

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Dynamic Curriculum

Part of this week's curriculum - Month of May spread sheet in accounts, Making router access point and repeater to make Internet working, UPS passage, Different drawings, Making thin blade to be able to make a sellable product, researching about the wood which can be carved and  carve a tree, concentrating on shapes of cookies in baking, writing stories, designing business card and focusing on different colours, focusing on maths, science and Hindi, glass painting and focusing on bringing neatness, integer in maths, give a new look to library, towel hanger using curves apart from other

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Sense of Space

The measurement are not only about centimeters and inches or finding the conversion. It is much more joyous than just converting inches to feet and centimeters and meters. 
The joy of measurement is in developing the sense of space. What does this mean?

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The story of Movement

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, I, the Body and Kinesthetic intelligence, was much sought after. Warriors depended on me; craftsmen used me to create both articles of utility and beauty; dancers and dramatists added depth to culture; sport was the primary pastime, and many professions used hands dexterously to achieve and to perform. A lot of education was about developing my presence in each child. I was valued because people believed in the magic of hands and body. I was popular because people could create and perform with me.

Our Curriculum this week

Our curriculum this week included - Guitar, Crochet, Wood carving, Astronomy, Cooking, Festival Puja, Craft- Gift factory, Knowing about airport and aviation, Repairing speakers, Aqua phonics, Theatre, Sketching, Making poster, Carpentry, Tippytap, Reading about atoms and plants, football, maths, Repair cycle, Fitness, Drumming, Sewing, Painting, Fishing, Musical instruments, Electronics, History and Geography.

And we continue with integrated learning (learning beyond what one can see)

Fetstivity in October

Had a wonderful festival celebration this week.

Festivals are one of the most enjoyable celebration at Aarohi - brings different ideas, beliefs and ideas together. 
One announcement "dance practice on a song" led to few people coming together and practice began. A dance drama was prepared within few hours of practice. 
Together food was cooked, served and we all ate together. And a mytholgy story made our celebration alive. 

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Story of Structure

What makes one to feel that only structured education can teach you how to learn in structured way?

Our son Dhrupad, now 13yrs old has never been to any structured education. Often that also lead to surprise for others “then how is he learning maths and science?”

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