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Reflection to GROW and GLOW

Open learning does not start or stop only at “CHOOSING what I want to do”

But REFLECTING to understand why and how I want to do. What makes me work and what stops me from my work … here are some reflections

Community Voice - food

Bad News - Parents concern over kids food intake at the campus

Good News - Parents concern over kids food intake at the campus


Well, every bad news in our living at campus bring good news for us. Parents and adults have their own sets of anxiety, concerns, related to growing  - some of us have food high in our agenda while some have behaviour on our agenda - whatever is the agenda INVOLVEMENT and UNDERSTANDING takes the learning to different level.


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A letter to Teens

Dear Teens,

Children around your age – 14 to 16 yrs sometimes could be lost as to what to do. (This is true both for children in open learning as well as children going to school).

What we see is that there are three options in front of you / children:

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A day with Farmers

As we walked down the road to Chinigiripalli,we saw farms to both sides of the road where beans, tomatoes, coriander, roses were being grown. We stopped to see the cultivation. Talks were about what techniques farmers were using to grow them, how modernised farming has become, struggles of not having enough rain and hence no water, how nice to see freshly grown vegetables, will we get something to  pluck?
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Applied Art Installation

Applied Arts with Nima, as Nima shared "The form of arts, which can be used on any object. Installation is one of the form of applied arts, where we collect things to make big forms of art". 

Collected lots of Leaves

Crushed them

Added a bit of water

Added a bit of fevicol

Saw colurs in leaves, in saw dust and 

Explored shapes

And Created a tower of happiness!

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Celebrating Resourceful

Open learning does not start or stop only at “CHOOSING what I want to do”. As we travel the journey of OPEN LEARNING, we understand the IMPORTANCE of resources and being resourceful in journey. Being RESOURCEFUL is a habit of mind - cooking or playing piano...being resourceful adds value in learning journey.


Small Steps

I would encourage people to look around them in their community and find an organization that is doing something that they believe in, even if that organization has only five people, or ten people, or twenty people, or a hundred people. And to look at history and understand that when change takes place it takes place as a result of large, large numbers of people doing little things unbeknownst to one another.

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Books and Reading - A child says

Why Read books - a view point from a child's point of view - all thoughts written by a 13yr old child.

“ The most important thing we’ve learned, So far as children are concerned, Is never, NEVER, NEVER let Them near your television set -Or better still, just don’t install The idiotic thing at all.


One question often asked “Why a child who is doing campus care at the campus is not doing at home or the child who plans and does self learning at the campus, do not do much during break week at home”.

Some are seeking “how to inculcate certain thoughts / habits / practices / values in children - specially things that children get exposed in Aarohi - but do not continue at home or at any other place like campus care, self care, fitness, even self directed learning or taking initiative and responsibility of oneself”.


Community Jaatre - Reflection

Community Jaatre... imagine a group of families coming together to explore various aspects of open learning on a sunny and cloudy Sunday morning. Reflection is an integral part of our open learning journey, so we decided to understand it more. All ages participated to understand REFLECTION.


WHY Reflection

We began with a game - find as many (english) words within these words - Dictionary, Intelligent, Aluminium, Denominator, Furnishing, Moderate, Reduction, Satisfactory, Unbalanced.

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