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I am not checking your maths!!!

During KAA++ we had all maths around us - buying food in the train, buying our daily snacks, giving change, keeping our accounts to know how much one has spent, shopping in village haat, sharing chocolate equally to know how many grams (65 grams for Rs50) and so on.

One child was calculating how much change to give. I was just throwing some more calculations to him, he asked me "are you checking my math?" I paused and shared "I am creating opportunities for you to use maths in your daily life".

Story of X and Y - Math Logic in classroom

Story of X and Y - Math Logic in classroom

X and y are siblings, as they are children of Math-Logic Intelligence. X’s real name is Logical, while that of Y is Illogical.
X (i.e., Logical) resembles her parents quite closely, so is respected and sought after by many. Y (i.e., Illogical), on the other hand, is the proverbial black sheep of the family and is mostly look down upon.

Age appropriate?

At the age of 4 Dhrupad did not start writing
At the age of 5 he did not write
At the age of 6 he still did not
At the age of 7 he sill did not
At the age of 71/2 he reads and writes both.

Asawari did not swim at the age of 6, 7, 8,9,10,11,12 and  at the age of 13 she was a beautiful swimmer.

Many times I wonder this age appropriate learning has gone deep inside our system.

Justice - MI way

How does one enhances the process of justice?” Here is our story of Open House at Aarohi, O-campus,

Open house is the place to file cases on each other for any problem – behavior responsibility, beating, not giving chocolate – you can file a case here.

Well, the kids are judges, kids are audience and kids are solution provider. We have been having cases on behavior and the solutions have been becoming same...........

Can kids think?

Can kids take decision? Are they aware HOW they are doing?

YES, read below

We have been having combined session of People and Self genie. This quarter after the review we proposed to the children to have separate sessions – Here are few thoughts they shared after the debate

My Motivation

One of the child has been showing resistance to write and read. He finds working on construction site quite easy. He moves his hands with ease and has learnt a lot on the site by just observing the masons.

During Neelam Cyclone, we were not able to go to  the site. We decided to explore math logic in our project –

This child sat with a book on construction to READ

Speaking skills?

This week we had "speaking skills" as our weekly objective.

My reflction as facultyKids may talk or not talk much but when they speak on specific topic, thought……………they are different – I realized that just because kids talk does not mean they can speak too on any topic or vice versa. Same is true for adult- :)

Call Mummy or Aunty?

We had no case today – so began with public opinion. The topic was “should we call parent by mummy papa or aunty uncle in the session”

We started with analyzing the role of parents. Each child made venn diagram “my need from parents, from faculty and both”

Faculty also did “My role woth my child, session child and both”.

Few points which came out – we all shared

Accident and Objective

Few blogs to smile (during KAA trip to forest)

One child said "you try, its okay to fail”.


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