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Best day in life

Our family is shifting home, so we all are involved in packing. Yesterday Dhrupad was given the responsibility to “empty the bean bag and give for wash”.

Children do not need to be made to learn

Today I had fever, so Dhup found me doing nothing and found this as an opportunity to catch without any distractions.

We read a book together and after that he wanted me to dictate the story so he could write. We explored so many things while writing

Journey of self assessment

Journey of self assessments at Aarohi

Self assessment began with kids setting up their own goal in the second year of Aarohi. Initially the assessment was “I wrote a story”.

It was more of information or a report of what one did. There was no assessment of “how I did, what all I included in the story writing, what strengths I worked with, how many ways I worked on it, Am I doing the same stuff (my comfort) ?…………………… much I was better than yesterday?

Share and Synchronizing

Every Manthan has been a great discovery for us to know parent's perspective and we re-work on our beliefs. Some thoughts like “every parent has their own journey” has been a very valuable inputs for us.

We want to start the initiative of “synchronizing” with parents. You as parents have your own sets of beliefs and sometimes anxiety and you work with your child at home – this can be on behavior, learning, development, future.............

We can repair :)

A day before  Manthan
Gracy found that the Jungle toilet flush "float valve" was broken and we needed the toilet working for Manthan. Selvi was surprised to know that we can just buy the valve from the market and fix it ourselves - me too :)

I do not know what happened after that. Today I saw two boys repairing the valve. Thanks Gracy for this experience. Normally we call plumber and wait for this to get repaired :)


Yesterday, while doing analysis about animals, Asawari came across "the weight is 60 to 70 kg".
She needed AVERAGE weight for calculations, so she asked me "what is average".
I thoughts for some time and shared "I know the process, I do not know how to explain the concept".
We played around with data on average, and were happy to know that average age of our family is 27 (we are still young)!!!

Well, we went to uncle Rat to know "how do we explore the concept?".


One child was taking attendance of other chidlren who are going for KAA to match with our list.

He said

a - he is here

b - he is here

c - she is here

d - she is not here, she is there outsdie somewhere, so she is present.

My safety is my resposibility

Who is fortunate?

I used to express in my interaction with parents (in workshops) "we are some of the fortunate ones, who have luxury of money.............".

One of the child in my session asked me "aunty, why people who have money are fortunate?


Dear Parents,

Many of our children are reading, and they read a lot, they are read a lot by, peers, parents etc. Many of our children write "wrong" - they really write phonetically and hence it appear wrong.

While it is not wrong to ask for a correct spelling, it is also not right to label as wrong writing.


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