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Road Channels

Rain started cutting our roads. First time when it happened, I called JCB and levelled the road. It was cut again, I took the help of labours and filled up the gaps, third time I used stones and patted with stone to make it solid…………….with every rain, road continued to cut and I continued to repair (without thinking), I just wanted a safe road.

Well, nature and science does not listen to wants and needs, they work scientifically and naturally, for me to live in harmony with nature, I have to understand nature and campus create beautiful learning opportunities for me.

Mosquitoes @ Campus

At the campus, the mosquitoes starts coming in by 5 pm and we start shouting from 5 to 9 pm  - keep the door close, please keep the door close, heyyyyyyyy keeeeeeeeeeeeep the door closssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssed.

I was somehow was not happy with this people reminding each other after every 5 minutes - “keep the door close”.  While all want to door keep the door close and also do not want mosquito to come in and bite us, the door was left open from few seconds to few minutes.

What is language for?

Paramesh joined Aarohi last month. We used to talk ?”

Alert of Fear?

Snakes at the campus have become another learning opportunity. I grew up and lived with fear for snakes.  I am not now with the snakes at the campus,

I have learnt that

They cannot gulp me, no matter what is my size :)

They are not waiting for and bite me

They may take shelter in store room, they may lost their way and get into house……………..all I need is understanding about them.

Real Book

Recently we read about body language of kittens and puppies. Soon kids started guessing…….now the tail is up and down and the puppuy is happy and sad………….The first thoughts - let us make, draw, print the charts and display and this will be good reference material.  I was also doing the same. I paused……….and asked myself “what am I doing?” I went out and started observing puppy and just sat for some time with them. This gave me a relationship with them and understanding about them.

Neem at Campus

Neem is the latest at campus. Yesterday we burnt neem leaves and kids saw a considerable differennce in mosquitoes. Kids super liked the idea. Since evening they were behind me…………..did you put NEEM ???? 

And all this led to Neem oil, Neem soap, Neem bandana, Neem bath…………………..we are neemed.

Where is the YES coming from?

One child  - I have to do this, this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and I have to be careful.
Response - yes.
Now let us look at it differently

ME in my needs

Good news, we left our Bangalore house!!! We have been celebrating all my son’s b’day parties at home - thought behind it “we have space, then why do we need to go out”.

This year we are at campus - a community space.

Government @ Aarohi - First Draft

During the open house session we explored what is “government”. We began with sharing what we know about government – rule, take decisions, team of people working, take care of city, do repairs.................,Then we pondered what government we have at Aarohi – kids shared

Child's commitment and parent role?

During Diwali we had 10 days break. Just before this break we had puppies at the campus and it required some amount of commitments. Kids committed to work on medical, training and understanding hygiene of pets – they promised to work from home. Commitments are part of learning process at Aarohi. Failing to do the committed work is also part of learning process.


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