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What I do for my resources?

Me and Reading

We began the session by asking “do you want me to tell about the Reading skills?”. They wanted me to tell something new about reading. Together we read and each time we read with different focus

What is History

I am Buddha

One child drank two glasses of Bournvita and told me “I am powerful now”.


History alive

The Trip to Chitradurga was not to teach History but to experience History. Kids had all kinds of goals “from shapes in the fort to layout of the fort”.

Well, when kids came to know about that Hyder Ali, father of Tipu attacked the fort 3 times,…………….Kids were perplexed…………..British attacked Tipu, so they were enemy and here Tipu and his father were enemy? So who is bad, which enemy is bad? Is it enemy bad or animosity bad?

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My way and your way

One child was carrying a bag, which looked “messy to me”. Second day I showed him the “proper way” of carrying the bag and I realized what I have done....

To correct my action I told him “this is another way to take bag, which way you would like to take?” He looked at me with profound eyes and said “I will prefer to think by myself”. After this the bag did not look messy to me.

Kings and Queens

We all are AMABLE!

Last week reed plantation at the campus - it exhibited the true spirit of "AMABLE" We all had different strength, and we all worked as one group. I was pondering, this is Amable as organization is all about - all together makes the difference, noone is better or best. We all are AMABLE and we all have our own important role to play.

Five kids and three labourers – all with different skills yet working cohesively. There was no comparison of skills, no need to ask anyone to do anything – all took their responsibilities as per their natural strengths.

Har ek dost...........

Train, Music, books and Friendship

Train, Music, books, chips and Friendship

Train, music, books, more chips and Friendship

Menu @ Campus

A three old and another 9 yr old – both together making menu for the week – both together catering to everyone’s needs, bringing variety, collecting recipes and working with constraint to use local available ingredients.

The 3 yr old partner, makes his own menu, as he sometimes does not like the regular menu. He has written “Bissebell bhat, Ghee khand bhath (sugar, ghee and rice), roti and jam, roti and sauce………………. I am AMABLE – I can work on my food myself, all you need to do is believe in me.

Look at pic to find when he will eat what.


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