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Who say puppets are only for small children? Pictures will tell you the story.

Train balancing beam

Today, train was late and we were waiting at the platform. Two kids started balancing on the "tracks". soon that became a balance beam for all of us. Other child used that to do some more exercises. Two of them marked the safety limits and made game of the codes.

My Listening skills

All the work I did in last two months on listening, I did not use directly in the session, or you can say “children did not need” my understanding of listening skills. They constructed the understanding with their own experience and thinking.

I went with a CLEAN mind and did not want to start with what I know about the objective of listening.  One of the child expressed ““hearing is through ears and listening is through mind”. Questions they shared “I listen and add my thoughts, is that I am never listening If I add my thought”? How can one listen without adding thoughts?”

Me and environment

Two Bindis on my forehead – one to press when I am listening, other to press when I am not listening. Ah!!! This became a fun element in the session. They were calling my name and If I do not respond they would press “not listening”.

One tag on my arm “Today I will LISTEN to your body action”. I guessed funny actions – do you want to go to potty, are you going to hit others, have you lost your teeth and so on.  It was great fun to allow kids to have fun!!!

Rock climbing

It was one of the lovely morning at aarohi, O-campus. 16 kids, went for rock climbing - all at different level and had different goals for self. All I had to do was to watch them and be there with them. One master code was decide before we started "go one by one and wait for the person to clear path". I enjoyed as a faculty, watching them through my camera.

Five senses or Many senses? One way or many ways?

I am working on "five senses". This is the one of the topic for next year sessions. I only knew "senses as see, hear, touch, smella and taste". While digging deep in the topic I came to know about the sense of pain, temeprature, balance.........................

Working more on the topic through multiple intelligence, I came across this pciture on senses and it wa smind blowing. I do not about the kids, but my own sense of senses have braoden and I have fallen in love with the topic. Eager to do more resesrac on the topic and go beyond my academic knowledge of senses.

Best day in life

Our family is shifting home, so we all are involved in packing. Yesterday Dhrupad was given the responsibility to “empty the bean bag and give for wash”.

Children do not need to be made to learn

Today I had fever, so Dhup found me doing nothing and found this as an opportunity to catch without any distractions.

We read a book together and after that he wanted me to dictate the story so he could write. We explored so many things while writing

Journey of self assessment

Journey of self assessments at Aarohi

Self assessment began with kids setting up their own goal in the second year of Aarohi. Initially the assessment was “I wrote a story”.

It was more of information or a report of what one did. There was no assessment of “how I did, what all I included in the story writing, what strengths I worked with, how many ways I worked on it, Am I doing the same stuff (my comfort) ?…………………… much I was better than yesterday?

Share and Synchronizing

Every Manthan has been a great discovery for us to know parent's perspective and we re-work on our beliefs. Some thoughts like “every parent has their own journey” has been a very valuable inputs for us.

We want to start the initiative of “synchronizing” with parents. You as parents have your own sets of beliefs and sometimes anxiety and you work with your child at home – this can be on behavior, learning, development, future.............


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