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Degree for life!

Often we are questioned “but what about the real life? How will they face real life?’ I wonder if the current education making our kids ready anyway for LIFE?

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Thinking Skills - Observation

 Celebrating "thinking skills Observation" this week.  What is this? How is this different from "seeing or just observing"? How do we develop the thinking of observation? Observation is not limited to visual sense - its a way to think. We all play in rain, but some of us observe - how is the phenomena happening, how it is falling, feeling, how does it fall on mud, sound it makes, destruction it causes.

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A day with Ranji

Last 15 years working in theatre, last five years passion is profession (full time in theatre). When he needed to direct a play on life of a painter, he decided to learn painting. He would paint for days, weeks or months…this became his full time hobby.

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What is learning?

What is learning?

I ponder..

Cooking or

Making a knife stand or

Shaping the clay or

Baking a bread or

Sharing about my life or

Singing a song or

Making my plans or

Sketching or

Opening a laptop or

Reconciliation accounts or

Painting a canvas or

Cooking a meal for dogs or

Doing puja or

Raising a voice to change the system or

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Education for what?

Two kids were shopping with me in the supermarket. I picked on 200 gms packet for rs 105/- and 500 gms packet for rs 220/-. I asked both of the to find the cheapest pack. They both selected 200 gm packet (lees money). I gave one of them 5 packets of 200gm and one of them two packets of 500 gms. They again said “200 gms packet is less money and more in numbers” Well, I asked them to add total weight, they figured the weight was equal, but the money was not equal.
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Play with it!

The job of a facilitator is dynamic – we constantly play around with how we respond. We cannot respond in one way only because the situations are different, people are different and we are different!
One child was excited with the new blogging system at Aarohi
She was apprehensive and asked for help “I am excited for blogging but I don’t know anything, will you help me”.
I asked her to start
She started
Then she again asked for help “can you…”
I asked her to stay with it for few minutes, PLAY with it, click few buttons here and there, read around.

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Consuming or Producing?

They signed up for "story telling sessions". One of the facilitator was telling stories in different languages...they were happy and entertained. During one of the story session, they were introduced to shadow puppetry. They were excited with the play of light, and of characters to create a story.

Afforestation - Seedballs

Fridays are special at Aarohi  - sometimes visiting places, sometimes working together, sometimes watching movies !

Life of a facilitator

As a child I thought, the teachers job is very easy. Wear nice saree, sit in the chair, check homework and teach her subject.

As a facilitator I thought I don't even have to teach, even easier job! But becoming facilitator was not easy. It demanded to settle internal struggle. It needed to look into self and question them. Sharing some of the insights from my one of the week I lived...


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The Dynamics of planning!

Often asked what if a child does not know what he/ she likes?

Here is a small story
After couple of weeks spent at the campus, one child with tears and anger expressed "I don't know what I want to learn".
Conversation was full of " I can't do this because...I know I am not good at this....I can never do this for sure...."
Ah! I was crying inside!
Well, we began with few random things the child could do
Learn five new words
Practice handwriting
Watch telescope
Water painting

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