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Different Strokes

Different chidren, different needs, different reactions, different responses, different ideas, different soultuons, different chaanges, different solutions. 

Few kids were excited to explore various games in Dome. They connected with board games, puzzles and various indoor games with so much of ease, while some find it difficult to even sit for few minutes. 

Some worked alone while some prefer to work with others. They explored together Drama, Clay, tree climbing and board games with ease but fully involved. 

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Art Appreciation

We started with exploring the difference between museum and gallery: Is Gallery small, few collections? Is Museum vast, different collections, artifacts?

The Museum had a theme of gods of different religions for this month. We began with pondering over what is mythology? - Past, Mystic, Fantasy, Myths, Stories, may be History? stories of special powers/boons and curses? may be a truth ? Few more questions to ponder - Is mythology fiction? Is mythology history? What makes a story different than mythical?

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Jatre - Dome

Can a campus Teach? Yes, We believe a campus can be the very lap of learning

if it is conceived and developed just as mother nature; if it offers constraints to children which make them think, do, learn, and live differently.

The Architectural Design of the campus is based on these three guiding principles:

  • Design to build less

  • Design to install and use less resources (like electricity, water, fixtures, furniture, etc)

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Jatre - Reading

Why do we need to read?
This was the premise of Reading Jatre. Some said "to develop vocabulary", some said to "learn reading", some said to "for knowledge", some said ' for entertainment" and so on.

Read a poetry by H W Longfellow to describe war. Read a piece from Lewis Carol's 'Alice in Wonderland'. Read about confusing words like 'affect and effect ' from the book 'Usage and Abusage' by Eric Partridge.  Read the speeches of 'Brutus and Antonio' from Shakespeare's Julius Ceaser and a story of Mulla Nasruddin.

Jatre - Germany

What is all Germany for us?
Berlin, Football, Cars, Wall of Berlin, Europe, Dutch language, 

More we explored with Julia and Miriam (volunteers from Germany) - Democracy, time zone 3hrs earlier than India, Common religion is Christianity, Right Hand Drive, National day is 3rd October ( Berlin war reunited), Castles,  River, Forest, Carnivals in Cologne, Chocolate ( Nutella)

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I don't like it

I don't like it.
I can't do.
I don't want to do.

These are very common expressions. How do we bring discovery in the clouds of such self-doubts?

I don't like or I don't know?
I can't do or its new or different for me?
I don't want to do or I don't know how to do?

We explored our own road blocks in any task. We used the tool of a hammer to discover self. We tried finding our own actions, thoughts or beliefs leading to not able to achieve that task.

My Interest - Term Planning

How do you discover yourself - its simple ‘bit by bit’! Each term we connect with our dreams, we make plans of what all we want to do, we connect with self ‘what desires we have’. While making term planning we often do not think or rather stop at ‘will I be able to do?’. Often it is ‘what all I feel like doing’.

As we start working during the term, we do miss our marks, we do change our planning, we do add more to our planning and we do leave things. But we still dream!


I am able

I can't you get this thought in your mind anytime you stuck or face with any problem or face a new/uncomfortable task. We are exploring 'empowerment'  this term.  "I am Able".



We don't give direct answers

We help by not helping.

We bring challenges.

We ask to think

We ask to fail

We encourage to try

We create unfamiliar works

We leave to 'figure out'

Am i in Jail?

Am I in Jail? Am I in Jail of my own thoughts? Am I in jail of my own fears? Do you have my rope in my hand? When I am faced with a problem 'whom do I reach out to?". You or Myself? Why does one start believing that 'I  can't'? Gave a piece of newspaper in planning and asked the group to make caps out of it. Most waited for the instructions! Finally most made the caps without instructions. The idea was to look into self for help. The thought was "Do I know my own unlimited capacity?' Where is my locus of control?

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Unlimited activities in limited time of 27 minutes.

Beginning activity was blindfold hurdle race, then tied legs walk, then swinging, then playing hide and seek, then Zombie game, then a game of pool, then basketball, then .... unlimited options.

Enjoy, cooperative, intense team work, listening to others, sensitive to each other... were some of the expressions at the end of this unlimited thought club game.

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