Craft with Kanchan

Kanchan, she is precise with art and craft, she is creative, she has style, she composes, she creates, she get siersed in craft, she has been doing since her childhood, she has “an eye” for Craft, she is our inspiration for craft

Online sessions with her to explore various techniques of crafts are no less than a craft course!  Session on "Mixed Media" brought an opportunity to explore surfaces, texture, composition and imagination! 

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Gratitude Circle

On the last day of LSUc there was an announcement “experience this magical journey”. This was to experience gratitude circle. It was really MAGICAL!

The process is very simple - You sit with eyes closed and people whisper in your ear about you (strengths, affirmation or just simple gratitude to you). And thats all!

A day with Aunradha and Theatre

Imagine Aarohi, a learning community where we experience different aspects of living - learning and living are not different.

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A day with Supratim

 Imagine Aarohi, a learning community where we learn from anyone...just like that! Photography is an art or science or both? A day (just few hours) with Supratim was enriching to explore photography as a science and an art too!

He shared

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Learning History with A child

How do we learn History?

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A day with Craftsmen - Visit to Craft Centre

Enthusiastic Artist, face to face interaction and  demonstration.  Some hungry kids to learn from the artist, some tired, some mesmerized, some inspired to practice more….that was the outdoor of today.

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Some worry about maths, we worry about that basic ability to apply maths.
Some worry about food, we worry about that understanding of food and body.
Some worry about English, we worry about the basic ability to express using various mediums.
Some worry about the level (grade), we worry about the ability to assess

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Teaching Conflicts!

Do you have any conflict with Grand Parents/ Spouse on how to teach your child who is going through open learning/unschooling/homeschooling
Here are some thoughts –
Situation – One child 7yrs old, Grand father wants her to learn Kannada language and believe that this is the age to learn language, absorption is high and this is the time to learn. The child is not showing interest, there is expectation from mother that the child gets RIGHT inputs (education) at the right time (now).
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Planning Mela

Learning is often associated with teaching. The moment there is a thought of learning, another thought follows is “who will teach me”? But we miss out a HUGE resource force “our own peers (friends)”.

"Planning Mela " brought an opportunity to share details with peers. Each one set up their learning stall to share about their plan for this term - inspiring each other, giving ideas, questioning, adding value by giving suggestions...the session was buzzing with sharing and networking!

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Three days with a chef - Shaunak

Three wonderful days with Shaunak, a chef, an entrepreneur and restaurateur at the campus was full of action and compassion.

Cooking our own pasta, Thai curry and Italian thin crust pizza were just not some dishes - but a lot more interaction on food, each ingredient, each cooking step. Each food was created from scratch, kneading, rolling and boiling our own pasta, making own pizza base, soup broth with vegetable peels ... enough to bring lot of exploration and connection with food in our kitchen.

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