Integration in Learning

Celebrating "integrated learning" this term. This term celebrating “Integrated learning” means adding value in what we already doing - At Aarohi no process or no curriculum is fixed, it evolves from the life we live at the campus.

  • A child baking a cake finds it “waste of time” to read about history of baking or understanding the various process of baking.

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Preparing for life : teen club

Growth is inevitable. Physical growth is something that happens naturally in a human being but how aware are we of it and how much do we understand our growing bodies. What about our mental and emotional growth, how do we develop that. Somewhere Teen club started to prepare the budding adolescents for the various changes they are going to through. To understand themselves, others and the world.

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Experiencing Supply Chain in AKD

AKD – Aarohi Ka Dukaan on


Every action in the community I do, it creates an effect. Knowingly or unknowingly - it's an exchange. Exchange of thoughts, feelings, vibes, experiences, words, acceptance, support and skills.

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Open Learning

"I know nothing more inspiring than that of making discovering for oneself"
George Washington

The myth of learning is simple to state and prove. The myth says that only when we learn, do we learn. What it means is that unless there is a conscious and methodical method to learning, learning cannot happen. It is only when we are taught (in a systematic, structured way) that we will learn.

A day with a writer

Vineeta, a homeschooling mom, shared her experience of co-writing a book - book with stories of parents, children and teachers.

We began other pondering "What is creative writing"? - Thinking, imagination, adding jazz, metaphors, using huge words, etc. 

Next was "What writing is called when you don't use creativity? – text books, copy whatever on the board,

A writer writes differently - where does their writing come from? Where does the motivation come from? - Creating future ( in our stories), personal experiences.

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Outdoor Visit to PFA

Our Purpose: We Love animals and we wanted to know more  about them and we decided to visit People for Animals.
 We started our d
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Learning in Multi forms

Multi session taken by kids of various ages - It was not about us knowing and learning from them - but it was all about various exposures and various opportunities to look at learning.

Process or Learning

Since we have no curriculum at Aarohi, the need of learning arises from living, interests and exposures - Painting, Baking, Fractions, Film making, Football, Craft, Crochet, Stone Collection, Stitching, Market visit, Cooking, Film making, Carpentry, repairs, playing drums, singing, dancing, Mud work … The list is simple from simple needs of life.

Music Around us


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