Outdoor to plantarium

Outdoor to planetarium


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Think to Observe!

We observe thing around us, what about observing inside us!

Observing my thoughts, my feeling, my actions, my needs, my wants ... just observe. No need to analyse what am I observing.



Just pause and Wonder!

Just stop and Wander! 

Spend five minutes on wondering and wandering on the topic/task you start with.  Why there is hurry to just start and stop the work? Let's spend some time in wondering and Wandering.

I wonder If my heart was outside my body!

I wonder If mud was available in ice cream cones!

I wonder keyboard playing was like football!

I wonder If baking was done in hot water!

I wonder If I knew everything!

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We do Yoga. We do breathing. We have Yogasana in our environment. But when we hear more from the people who practice it daily and with devotion, it gives us a different perspective, sometimes reinforces, sometimes gives us direction. A session with Vikas from Isha Yoga was no different. 

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Jatre on Boxing with Corrie

Corrie sharing about her journey.
Born in Philippine, lived in Canada, travelling to India since last year.

She has been part of the various competition in swimming and boxing.  Meeting a professional lady boxer was an event itself for most of us at the campus.

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Brain and Behaviour

A session on brain and behaviour with Prashanth from Rishi Gurukulum Pune.

The first question was "what is a brain?

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Jatre - Engine

His first presentation.
His attempt to throw himself in front of the audience.
He worked hard to know more about engines.
He worked on himself to come out of his own inhibitions ( I can't, I don't, mistakes means others laugh). 
He worked on making the presentation.
He worked on composing his flow of the session.

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Music with Satendra

We do music to add value to our lives as well other's life.
Write something of your own and sing in your own voice. Lyrics give you something to connect.

Why do you like music? Happy, peaceful, soothing, expression, changes mood, transformation, help to make more connections in brain, meditative, nostalgic, connection, synergy and just simple joy. Every genre of music has its own characteristics and its own soul,  so listen to every kind of music. Any new music may sound alien but you end up liking something from that music.

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Jatre - Madhubani

We visit exhibitions, we meet artists who have their own style, we see art in our homes, we see it in many different forms.

Understanding about any art firms brings a different connection with the art form.

A session on Madhubani or Mithila painting with Lakshmi brought step by step understanding about this art form.

Each painting style has a story so Madhubani - the story of Ram and Sita. The stories of motifs. The story of celebration and it's significance.

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Jatre - WikiPedia

Monday with Chandu to explore Wikipedia.

What do we use Wikipedia for? 
Have you ever wondered who put information in those Wikipedia pages? 
Why is in any research the first page is Wikipedia?
Who is this Mr Wikipedia?
Have you tried anything besides reading articles?

The birth of Wikipedia came to establish the authentic knowledge-based as much authentic as an encyclopedia.

The thought that anyone can edit, contribute or delete information in Wikipedia brought some anxiety as well as excitement.

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