Mindfulness is the themes of the week..a session on Mindfulness to bring awareness about awareness!

One can call it awareness or way of living. Awareness and knowing what are you thinkjng, what are you feeling, what are you doing now! Mind works like a search light...focusing on one thing at a time and keeps shifting it's attention from one thought to another. Mind is constantly selecting and rejecting.. When it selects it automatically rejects (not choosing)... sometimes choosing pleasant sometimes not pleasant.

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Business with Valli

Business Jaatre with Valli, father of Aditi to understand started with a question " what is business"? Work, generating money, transaction of money, make and sell...
What all we need to do a business? Passion, skills, patience, understanding, know-how, people, social skills. Business generates employment, earning opportunities, revenue for govt (tax paying). 

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Bees and their world with Guru.

We want to keep bee boxes at the do this we needed to know a lot about bees - we realize we hardly know anything about them. An hour session with Guru was enough to wonder about bees. Guru is pioneer in bee keeping...hope to have some bee boxes at the campus soon!


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It began with a question “can there be higher degree of autonomy?

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Auntonomy - Wish to do!

Some new, Some old, Some big, Some small…it didn’t matter.  The life began with exploring autonomy – the power to make decisions!

Capoeria Jaatre

Every time I feel I have learnt a lot, someone shares something new!

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Making of Acropolis Hut

Can a campus Teach? Yes, We believe a campus can be the very lap of learning 

if it is conceived and developed just as mother nature;
if it offers constraints to children which make them think, do, learn, and live differently 

The Architectural Design of the campus is based on these three guiding principles:

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Card Board Creation

I saw few cardboard boxes
I saw few things made up of cardboard boxes (doll house, fridge, sofa etc). 
I thought I can make for kids at the campus.
I decided to not make it!
I collected few and decided to not to make. I kept all the boxes as "resource of the day".
Day one, two kids picked up a large box and spent a day with it. At the end of the day they told me " we are going be lot more busy tomorrow, lot of work to be done" and they carefully kept their six feet long cardboard box next to their bed.

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Gap year to Discover self


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