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Learning Tools

Its not about study harder but to study smarter.
Sometimes some simple tools can enhance the way one can understand a topic and grow. But any different way looks difficult. There is a inner battle to not leave what looks comfortable and adapt what is new or different or unknown.

Why do we need a different way than what we are used to?
What's the problem in the way we take notes or study or learn or explore?
What is the need of different way of learning?

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Brakes and Accelerators

Open learning brings an opportunity to be AWARE of self.

As we travel the journey of learning we realize that there are some things which accelerates the process, while some puts brakes in our journey. Weekly theme on brakes and accelerator brought the awareness on what can brakes and accelerator play a role in my learning journey.

Thinking Distortion

Often as an adult we explore various aspects of child development, we learn various theories and some of us even learn various psychological aspects of children's world. But our learning and awareness is not complete without our kids understanding and participating to understand their own growth.

A session on "Cognitive Distortion" to understand how we feed our mind. It began with understanding what is "Distortion" and then came understanding about "cognitive distortion'.

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Democracy - Decisions

Good news - Campus phone got lost. Concern of not loosing but the usage and question of care came up very significantly. Few kids have personal phone, some more planning to get - concern of phone becoming part of basic survival hence each one thinking or required to own one.

Team voice brought the opportunity for the community to come together and share option and reach to a conclusion.

Eaxh voice/ opinion was important. Few proposals/ ideas 

Sexuality and Sex Education

Session on Sexuality and sex education started the journey of looking at the topic from a different perspective.
What are porn video? How to understand your responsibility? How do we look at relationship? How do we understand basic needs of growing body? What all myths do we carry?

Active We - Play Gym

Coming together to make a play gym

A sloppy surface
Few strong logs
Few ideas
Few ropes
Few Tyres
All of us together on a cloudy morning to make
A place to do Dangal
A place to swing
A place to do gymnastics
Just the right recipe for our imagination to turn into action

Bhoomi College

16 adult students of Bhoomi College, students of Holistic Education programme joined Aarohi for a day to explore the open learning. People from various backgrounds - software engineer, human resource, corporate world, finance, PhD in Physics, Engineering graduate, IT professionals - degrees did not meant for them, they are starting the journey again with questioning the concept called "education".

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Questioning for Learning

Questioning  - not to question but to ponder. The week we asked questions, we asked why, how, how else, what, more and so on - Questioning?

 Questions can be about anything – experience, learning, self, and others and so on. Questioning is not necessary to get answer. We often ask question to others as well as a lot of questions to ourselves.

Finding Nemo - Resourcefulness

Have you ever wondered about "Finding Nemo"? We all have ability to find that right Information or the resource we are seeking, but that is buried somewhere. A 3yr old child asks a lot of questions, while a 13 yrs old makes a lots of comments. Ability to find is lost and replaced with faults (in self, in others).

A sesssion on "how to find information" was to rekindle that ability to SEARCH and ASK those forgotten QUESTIONS (to self).

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