Magic of 1

Magic of 1


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IDEC- Logo

Inspiration from
Few words - democracy, peace, world, education, diversity,
Few designs by kids - Earth and people around, earth and tree around
Warli painting - lifestyle, representing democracy
Colour Palette - colors of India, culture, visual identity of mud walls, colorful costumes,
Peacock feathers and
Golden Ratio - Inner and outer circle (5:8)

All mixed together became the story behind the final logo of IDEC 2018.
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Celebrating interdependence this week at Aarohi. But what is Interdependence? How is this different from depending? We often talk about being independent, but do we really exist in isolation or independently? You must have heard about the independence day but not interdependence day?

Feel Electronics

Have you ever seen electronics? When one talks about pottery, one can see the clay and pot. When one talks about carpentry one can see the tools and joints. But when talking about electronics, one can really not see the current passing.  We often connect with the world around us using five senses...but with electronics, one can really not feel it.

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First Aid Training

So many kids are not hurt - They are just going through the first aid training. Getting closer to our own life!

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Film Making with Ally

She is 14yrs old, she has just finished a filmmaking course, she wanted to share her learnings with us at Aarohi. She prepared a presentation on filmmaking and she took a session with us. She also worked on making a film with some of us. It was great having her at Aarohi. We had a wonderful session with her on filmmaking. As she shared "Filmmaking is just not picking camera and's an art. It requires a lot of detailing, preparation and understanding". She inspired us with her story, her passion. 

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Friday special Sports

No occasion

No event

It was just simply “Friday special”.

Some like to play matches

Some like to win

Some likes to make teams

All needs fell into place with one Friday special - early morning matches, then another match then another match and that’s all.


Thinking Skills - Analysis

Just one theme “Analysis - thinking skills” allowed us to explore many other tools and concepts. 

We explored analysis using various modes: experimenting exploring, observing,  watching videos. Graph, Venn diagrams, making of statements,  comparison,  cause, and effect,  questioning Where all we make analysis in our daily life?  We started our session with thinking of pondering about an object in our hands.

Discovery of self

 Our kids want to become something  - a cricketer, a football player, a pilot, a trainer….ever wondered why do they choose what they choose?
We had three days intensive Jatre with some of them on “Intentions” of choosing what they choose.
It began with visioning with what one wants to become - We wrote our life stories - I am...I want 
Visioning Process - Think in the present tense, think as if it's happening now in your life...Imagine you travel in time machine and see yourself in future - How do you look - What kind of home y
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Gratitude is a habit of mind!
Yes, one can develop this attribute in our living provided we want it, we understand its value and we practice it.
This week at the campus in Aarohi we celebrated “gratitude”, The purpose was to create the awareness and leave it to the individuals to explore, practice and make it a habit of mind. 
Consciously we thought of things which help us in our living and one can be thankful for - Our thumb, our helpers, the services, the facilities, the environment, the weather, the phenomenon ...
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