Safety Training - Akkas

Safety training is part of living at Aarohi. We need to be equipped to handle some emergencies and fire safety is in our list of safety training.

One of the advantage of these training is to understand our own paic - the one of the most important aspect in any emergency “do not panic”. But one to not panic, one needs to understand that emergency and be equip to handle it to face it.

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Meeting an Innovator!

Mr Jayaprakash, an innovator of portable eco friendly gasifier chulha (smokeless stove), visited Aarohi to help us with designing and setting up with smokeless chulha for our growing needs of cooking in the community.

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When my daughter, Asawari was 10yrs old, she showed potential in art and dance. I was in a hurry to reach somewhere, to achieve, to concur that talent…we put her in art and dance classes. She learnt but she didn’t explore. I didn’t understand then.

She was fortunate to have dream teachers in art as well as dance. Although she was excelling in both the skills, she was not growing. I knew it was hollow for me as for her. I knew it was senseless growth for her.

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Challange to Glow!

The job a facilitator is very dynamic – we are always on roller coaster ride – sometimes doing down, sometime going up, sometimes getting goosebumps, sometimes screaming with joy!

Three Steps

Welcome to the world of open learning at Aarohi! Sometimes the word "open" can be misleading and lead to "doing nothing". And doing nothing is not contemplating but distracting, postponing, procrastinating....Here we suggest THREE steps suggestion to start your open learning journey

ONE - Choose at least 20-30 things to explore including known, unknown, easy, difficult, new, old.... Share the list with us for us to add value.

Opportunities - Projects

Learning comes to us in many different forms - often "From life for life".

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Knowing Democracy

Democracy cannot be learnt, it can be experienced. Our most aspirational endeavour - to create and keep Aarohi as a democratic space. We are experimenting with many form of interactions, communications, interventions and systems - all targeted to make the community truly interdependent - with co-creation, co-learning and co-existence as key parameters
MY VOICE - A platform to raise one's voice for any aspect of working of Aarohi.

why me?

Do you listen from your children "why me?" Why are you only telling me? You hate me? You always think I am bad?

Degree for life!

Often we are questioned “but what about the real life? How will they face real life?’ I wonder if the current education making our kids ready anyway for LIFE?

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Thinking Skills - Observation

 Celebrating "thinking skills Observation" this week.  What is this? How is this different from "seeing or just observing"? How do we develop the thinking of observation? Observation is not limited to visual sense - its a way to think. We all play in rain, but some of us observe - how is the phenomena happening, how it is falling, feeling, how does it fall on mud, sound it makes, destruction it causes.

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