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This week it was about exploring creativity through - Visualization, Collection, and Constraints. Many of us are very much familiar with ‘constarinst’ (we experience many at the campus). But it was difficult to find the difference between thinking and visualization. And also to collect out of the box (as one of the children expressed). 
We decided to explore it together - often we document our weekly journey individually - this brought an opportunity to do it together and we named it “WE” documentation.


We have left the city but the city still live inside us.
Few kids from neighbourhood village came ( all dressed up) to the campus. During the learning Mela on Friday in their school, we casually invited them. And they came today! We didn't expect them to come or we didn't mean a Sunday visit. This was a surprise visit for me. I was not prepared for this.

But the kids at the campus and a volunteer showed interest in playing with them.

And quickly they all got into playing, reading and making!

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Jatre - Auntonomous Driving

Most of us like car.
Some of us are mesmerised with the super cars.
Some of us can talk in length about the various features in modern cars.

Meeting Murthy was meeting a real life hero. Murthy from Michigan shared about autonomous driving,. He is working on airbag in cars in one of the company. He shared about the latest progress happening in high end cars like Collision Alert, Lane Departure Driving, Steering Assist, Memory seat, Airbags, connected cars and so on.

One exclaimed "all this for safety only!"

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Neighbourhood - Learning Mela

Learning Mela at Neighbourhood schools.
The journey began with two kids getting interested in connecting with neighbourhood schools. They went around to find more about the schools and their eagerness to invite us. It was not easy to walk around, talk around and plan for the learning Mela. 

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Trip to Kaigal

A small group from the community decided to visit Kaigal with the focus on understanding trees, learning afforestation, and nursery techniques. It included seed collection in the forest, seed treatment techniques and planting of seeds. Collection of some species as saplings from the forest for planting in nurseries. Also understanding species that can be raised through cuttings - trees and shrubs.  Also collecting some good saplings from some nearby forest nurseries that are ready for planting along with others we have, for us to bring back to campus.
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OPOS - One Pot One Shot

One pot one shot (OPOS) style of cooking for efficiency of resources, introduced by Prachi. A mother, A CA by profession who got interested in OPOS cooking after birth of her twins. She emphasised on understanding the principals of OPOS cooking - like Maximum heat and minimum time, just the right amount of water, standardized the heat source and all recipes are standardize, One tool (2ltrs pressure cooker).

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Music in Gandhi.

One child decided to have 'Gandhi' theme in the music session. We have been having themes like colours, war, nature, festival, language etc as our themes for our music sessions but Gandhi theme felt very unusual. But this child was very clear of this theme.

Visit to TDU

Visit to TDU

Herbarium is like a livr museum, a dictionary and encyclopedia of plants. 
It helps in collecting information about a plant. 
To make Herbarium at the campus/ home - Make a list of plants. Herbarium sheet should have flower and fruits. Press between two newspaper sheets and press with weight. Arrange them as per your need - local name, scientific name or usage.

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Knowing Social Entrepreneurship

Headstream - a social NGO team was here. They conducted a small session for us. So the first logical question  was - What social organisations do?

To understand the session  Naveen began with involving us by asking questions "What are the problems in society?" Responses were "dirty places, health issues, public transport, water, environment, crime, etc."

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Collection is another ingredient of creativity.  It is the raw material for the creative process. The more we collect, possibly the more we would have resources. Similarly a wide variety of collections helps creative thinking.


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