Story of Growing

Self-driven sketching lessons - no teachers, no curriculum, no exams, no certificates
Learning from various resources, peers, and self.
With determination, discussion and doing.

Each one has a driven reason to sketch
One wants to beat his sister in sketching perfection.
Other one liked it since childhood.
One wants to just practice.

Imagine, Aarohi - An Open Learning Community where learning happens without any reason.

Story of Struggle

We needed a slab to keep extra luggage in the one of the room. One of the children who like construction work took the initiative.

This is not just a slab, this is the story of self-motivation, struggle, and achievements.

He was excited to use old glass bottles to make a slab.

He measured, cleaned the place and started.

The bottles didn't come in straight line. He needed to use tools to make it straight.


Our Tippy Tap broke.
He was given the task to repair.
He was given the ideas.
He just needed to work (hands-on).
He postponed for few days.
Finally, he started.
He was surprised with self when he cut the first box.
He did not stop after that.
He made it. We used it and tested also. 
He is happy for self!
Imagine Aarohi, an open learning community where we don't make learning easy for children, we make it challenging!


Jingle-Mingle to understand self in a social environment. We live together but not necessarily we mingle with each other. We live together but not necessarily we connect with each other.

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Jingle-Mingle, was an event to connect with children who were earlier part of Aarohi  campus, but had now moved on to other learning endeavours.  Jingle Mingle began with planning, sending out invites by mail, calling, scheduling and the preparation. The community came together to prepare, decorate and make gifts for all the old kids coming in person to the campus.

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Inspiration - Motivation

Do we really need this concept called motivation? Can we not examine, a little bit more carefully, as to how we all operate, including children.  


One child was working on repairing bulbs, other three got interested and inspired they joined him.

One child was playing keyboard, another adult at the campus got inspired and started learning from him.

One child was washing clothes because he likes clean clothes

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My Journey - Imaad

Showing strength in painting, making things, understanding electronics, knowing technology, filmmaking, photography, and sketching. Innovative, likes to try new things and courageous and adventurous especially with body intelligence activities (like climbing, jumping etc). Strong with verbal and theater kind of skills, as well as comfortable with talking to others, making friends with all ages and strong in people intelligence.

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My Journey - Dhrupad

He is a fast learner, imaginative, connect various experiences, persistence (in the area of interest), understand the process, learn from people who have skills. He is showing interest in writing, making things traveling, adventure and various other things like presentation, reading,, sketching, designing, cooking…Imagine, Aarohi an open learning community where there is no curriculum, the world is our curriculum.

Learn and Teach

He got interested in Telescope.
He started liking astronomy.
He became our telescope man.
He took the challenge to take an hour of a session (Jatre) on space.
He worked many hours to prepare for this session.

He shared
What are planets?
What is the moon?
What are comets and asteroids?
What are stars?
What is a galaxy?
What is a black hole?
A video showing comparative sizes of various stars in the universe once again made us realize that we are just a special of the dot in the universe.

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Water Pump

He imagines what he wants to make
He describes what he wants to make
he is clear what he wants to make
He makes what he wants to make
He has a scientific mind
He learns by observing
He observes what is around him
He observes people working
He observes how things work.
Watch video of his latest creation


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