Body Image Session

I am fat, I am dark skinned, I have hairy legs, I am not tall, my nose is small, my hair is not long …

Each of us have our own images and thoughts on our body and physical appearance. Every time we look at the mirror we have some judgement on our physical look whether positive or negative.

I personally feels it important to connect with oneself and be aware of what we think/feel about our body. In Thought club I conducted a session on connecting with our own body image.

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Tree of Life

I am standing in front of you because of the books I read, places I visited, people I got inspired from, movies I saw and experiences I had…..

Do you think you life experiences have shaped who you are today?

Tree of life is a tool to help one to look at past, present and future. It  helps to understand and connect with self deeper.This week in Teens Club we used this tool to get in touch with our self. The tool uses the metaphor of a tree to see our life. Helps us also use our creativity to express our self.

Outdoor Visit to explore our passion towards Bikes

Outdoor visit  on Friday, 29th June.

Purpose: The visit was to meet Suni
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Experiencing Supply Chain in AKD

AKD – Aarohi Ka Dukaan on July 5th .

We Bring in various exposure to experience through our AKD.

Purpose of AKD : understanding Supply chain – manufacturers, dealers, whole saler, retailers. Our Lunch was to earn by being part of supply chain.

We explored a small video on Supply chain:

Our Supply Chain consisted of :

Team of Manufacturing unit: Fruit/Bakery/PaniPuri Section: 2 children + 2 Adult

Team of Dealer : 2 Children worked as partners

Team of Wholesalers : 3 teams – mix of children + Adult in team.

Team of Retailers: 3 Teams with 3 children per team

We had a list of products and their manufacturing cost as a start to all participants. Sign up chart to sign on whcich team they belong to

AKD in action: Quickly they formed their teams. Clarified what is the purpose of each team and that’s it the Dukaan was open with action.

Manufacturing team, got their cost for their products and were waiting for dealers. Getting bored, initially and then finding joy in observing how dealers are marketing their products.


Manufacturing unit in action

Dealers finding how to earn profit, as there were no competitive dealers, they fixed their own cost and enjoyed making profit. In the couse they made different price deals with different wholesalers.They also made sure wholesaler did not contact manufacturers for deals. Wholesalers came to know about this, and they started asking for better deals. As there were no competitors, they took hold of all wholesalers. Until there were final orders, they did not invest.

Dealer Discussing with Retailer

Wholesalers were waiting for retailers orders and fixing deal with dealers. They added some profit initially and since there were competition they had to relook into prices. Wholesalers campaigned with retailers for orders and got their order, another wholesalers trying to directly contact manufacturer for getting better price compared to dealer price.

Wholesaler taking order from Retailer

Retailers were food stalls. They were fully engrossed in fixing their material cost, making cost, profit and also in competitive price compared to other stalls. They were busy in fixing cost, making deals with wholesalers, asking discount price, taking loans, making different varieties for sale. They had to constantly supply demand from customers, buy stock, make and sell. Inviting customers with creative food items, competitive prices , constant conversation satisfying customers for price, items and so….

Banker : on job giving loans of fixed amout Rs12/- per person. He then found panipuri stalls and ran away to eat. keeping our bank open to all, named as Loyal bank, everyone to access loyally for their money needs and for loan.

Customers: All had to buy food from retailers. High demand for food, competitive prices, creative idea of retailers for selling their food,speed, queue for food , being thoughful to get better deals of food.

Totally the whole food supply chain was fully masala of chaos “deals and deals”
Some with joy of making profit, few with joy of campaigning, few with making their stall creative, few were tired of setting up and making. One wholesaler could not make profit, one retailer were in loss and were short of Rs 5/- for repaying loan, one retailer balanced money, dealers finally distributed their profit with joy.

The entire experience was joyful to watch everyone involved in their roles, different ideas, strategies, creative thoughts, confusions, arguments.

Maker's Club on Wednesday

After the success and settlement of the outreach program with children on every Saturday, I decided to begin something with the youth.

We contacted the next door neighbor – government polytechnic college, with support of the principal of the collage we were able to communicate with the young people of the surrounding areas about our outreach program.

We began our Maker’s Club with 7 interested boys on 1st August. The first session was spent in understanding what all can we DO, what are the various projects available and what am I interested in.

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Learning Stations

Once we began having rural children come regular to the campus on Saturday, thirsty to learn and do. We realized that doing conducted activities, where we as facilitators are driving the whole session is not really creating a different environment from school.  So we began the concept of Learning Stations. Using different resources, we created learning stations.  With minimal instruction, the activity is self led by the child. The idea is to let the children choose which station they want to go and explore the activity.

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Tsunami on Saturday

This June I began working on the Outreach program at Aarohi and has been an roller coaster since.

After having four children come on our first Saturday, we decided to do a little more advertising to get more children to come for our outreach program. Little did we know that in our enthusiasm to advertise and invite children to come to campus we portrayed this program a place to play and have fun.

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Small Steps

I would encourage people to look around them in their community and find an organization that is doing something that they believe in, even if that organization has only five people, or ten people, or twenty people, or a hundred people. And to look at history and understand that when change takes place it takes place as a result of large, large numbers of people doing little things unbeknownst to one another.

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Open learning for rural children

After a break of two years, we decided to once again begin Karral @ Aarohi

Aarohi O-campus is a rich campus with lots of resources and facilities, creating lots of possibilities and opportunities for learning. In the wish to make these resources available for the neighboring people we are beginning some outreach programs.

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Books and Reading - A child says

Why Read books - a view point from a child's point of view - all thoughts written by a 13yr old child.

“ The most important thing we’ve learned, So far as children are concerned, Is never, NEVER, NEVER let Them near your television set -Or better still, just don’t install The idiotic thing at all.


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