Dreams and Action at Summer 2018 - Week two

Aarohi, is a kitchen, not a restaurant. A kitchen where you get the raw material and cook your learning for yourself. It's not a restaurant where you are served to learn. No pre-decided activities, no forecast of results, no teachers, no teaching. It all about dreams and desires one have for self. It's all about experiencing the journey of dreaming to doing.

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Gas Turbine with Kowshik

Often asked...who are the teachers in open learning? How do they learn?  We learn, not by teachers but by the people in the industry. We always don't learn only when we have needs. We learn whatever comes on our way as we are not chasing any curriculum or defined time or outcome. We learn without any curriculum as everything is the curriculum of life.

A session on gas turbine engines with Kowshik, an engineer, working on designing, gas turbine power plants. What is an engine? Where do all we use them? Why gas turbine?

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What is Mysticism? A session on mysticism with Aparna started with this question.

What is "Mystic"? Few words describing Mysticism - Power, believing, honey, grass, fire, tree, birds, rain, ants, leaf, moon, water, wind, sun, star, house fly, air, mountain, plants, sky...For a moment keep aside your information, your identity, your ideas, your name, your nationality, your thought, and plans.
Listen to music and stay with nature for few minutes.

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Story of outdoor gym

A small spark “make a pull-up bar for fitness”, few resources  - a ladder, few old tyres, few ropes, determination and lots of energy enthusiasm. That’s all was needed to make this jungle gym for kids of various ages.

Make one pull up bars to have more fun in our fitness routine

Make pull up bars for fun

Make pull up bars by ourselves

Make pull up bars to feel satisfied with doing and creating

Understanding the world around us

Frogs are slimy, yucky and wired.
Lizards bring screeches.
Snakes mean poisonous bites.
Are these some of the common images, impressions, and reactions about the insects and wildlife around us? At the campus with rain and heat frogs population has increased. Lizards, Spiders, and snakes were always around us. And all of them together brings screams, tendency to kill them or get scared of them.
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Discovery of Freedom with Responsibility - Summer 2018 - week one

Responsibility is the word often comes when we talk about open learning. Often a doubt is raised “If its free, will the child be responsible or how do I make a child responsible?” At Aarohi we do not make children responsible, they are responsible (this is the belief we began with). Once we change this perspective, our actions change.

Malwa Kabir Yatra

A humbling experience of living music and Kabir with various musicians, singers and Kabir lovers in Malwa Kabir Yatra.

We traveled to various places - village or city it was no different as it was Kabir and music. We heard music in various places - open grounds, fields or auditorium, it was no different as it was Kabir and music. We were taken care no matter who we were - fakir or celebrity all were invited and welcomed as it was Kabir and music. We lived together, traveled together and submerged in Kabir and music.

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Story of jobs at Aarohi

A look at jobs at Aarohi - A belief "who says jobs are only for adults or only for who knows the work. Can one learn while doing? Can one learn because one wants to learn?".

We have hilarious stories about all our jobs - some jobs bring excitement and die down, while some bring frustration and then bring joy...some post are empty while for some we have a queue. 

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Menu Manager

Understanding what is a balanced diet, why carbohydrates in our meal or the role of protein? The finding balance of various grain is confusing. And catering to the needs of different needs of all taste/cultures is frustrating. And with all this also to understand the difference between rice and millets is a mind-boggling task.

Wondering and Learning Journey

He has fear of water.

He prefers snorkeling over deep sea diving.

He loves surfing but has fear of unknown water.

A few years back he made a raft and paddled across a pond  - he just wanted to make, didn't want to indulge in understanding the concepts (buoyancy etc) behind them.

A few years later, he wondered - How do ships float? He just got interested in ships, not actually ships but interested in " how things works? " 


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