Circuit Circuit

Read these words DC lights, what and how  components are made,  what is bio degradable and non degradable, positive negatives, circuit diagram, melting etc etc.

Try Try

Try try and keep trying.As part of the live station, uncle was sharing how he works, how he used old cans and what all he did. Few children added yes, we need to try ad do things then it will happen. One profound statement which I got today- Even if you try once you cannot be sure of it to make a statement. You have to do the same things many times then you will see the thing happening.

Connecting my learning

Today we were part of a live station on making DC lights.  The discussions moved to what can melt and what cannot melt and how it melts. Immediately came in Tun Tun aunty from chota bheem and one kid connected to  the process of making laddus> In making laddus there is melting and how then the laddu becomes a solid. Do we still need to learn  the definitions of solids and melting when I am experiencing and connecting the same in different places. Something to ponder over.

Socha kuch hua kuch

This week in morning welcome we brought different metals. The first day, I kept different objects made up of steel. Next day I added copper objects. When I had prepared the welcome, chemistry was there in my mind. I had imagined that this may lead to comparing different metals, observing their properties and reaction with water,salt and tamrind etc. What actually happened was that all objects were used to do puja :). Lot of imaginatios and role plays were going on. During the whole welcome(3 days of 15 min each), they were working on their imagination and expression skills.

Beauty of Multiple intelligence

 One child was working on festivals of Karnataka. As a part of logic genie, she decided to find out the number of people who celebrate this festival in bangalore and determine the fraction with respect to the number of people celeberating the same festival in Karnataka state. Then she also wanted to find the fraction with respect to the number of people in the whole country(who celebrate the same festival). She was further plaaning to plot the graph. It was an intresting journey. She asked me population of Banglore and India. I guided her towards world map and atlas.

A long way to go

We had been to one government school this Friday as part of outdoor. We started with introduction. Our children were busy observing. We started with energiser. All were sitting together in circle. Children had put up different stalls. Making book marks, craft, book reading, board games were going on simultaneously. I was enjoying involvement of children. I was there only as support. Everything was lead by children. Though we had informed in advance that no refreshment will be served, the school had arranged cold drinks and biscuits.

Learning by Doing @I-campus

We continue our learning journey. Next learning by doing event is on 27th July 2013. Invite children, parents, educators to come and co-work on issues from Industry.

Time: 11 am to 12:30 pm

Place: Geniekids Learning Resources Pvt. Ltd

Cricket and Cricket

Week of body intelligence, Aunty we will play cricket, we will play , play and play. All smiles we moved into the session. Content guide got them thinking. MI guide helped them how all can I do. Sat with few new children and prompt came aunty see cricket written we will play. What all you will do_ i will do batting and I no like fielding i will make my goal fielding, but little fielding and more batting is my goal.

Suggestion List - Can be done in Friday workshop

Read/ Share your favourite book or the book you are currently reading.

Munching @ Campus


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