Morning walks@O-Campus

Morning walk objective at O-campus is to find cycle path to O-campus from guest house. Well, last Tuesday we followed electric poles, as they also cross our land. Today mountain was the anchor – we have one mountain on the other side of the campus, so all mountains had out site on the other side….well we finally climbed one mountain (rock) with full confidence on our navigation skills and explored some more roks………… trip we will be on our trip to another path………….hum honge kamyab

My role

I was with kids on O-campus making shelter.

 Day 2, one team was ready with their tools, other team was not ready. Both teams were fighting, I felt this was unjust – I interacted and talked about behaviour, did reflection activity on behaviour – what I got “kids who got aware of them thru their behaviour, which possibly they are already aware – what I did? Nothing :)


The reflection of the session was let us mark in the graph how much we listened to others today. Children got into thinking and were counting the different times they listened to others. Few shared I listened to XYZ but did not listen to ABC so I listened less etc. After marking they wanted to share also.As they were ready to mark,they went and drew on the graph on the board.

My one week at O-campus and our farm


I put one week leave with intention to contribute my bit to o-campus construction acitivities, along with my farm development. Here is my journey (journal?)! Some what longer post...

Saturday  (19-05-2012)

It was my first over night stay at pink house, Bodichipalli. After Vishal and others returned from drum event, we were chatting till around 1.30am. Then I couldn't sleep until 3.30am since mosquito friends kept me engaged.

Next day plan was to meet one of o-campus neighbours.

Sunday (20-05-2012)



The shelter team was all excited to go to market to buy material. Well, while reversing the car, the entire bumper cover came out…………..first thought in my mind “send it for repair, call a mechanic”.

Sriram and Venkatappa were around……………Venkattapp anyway pitty me “your husband work, you alone work here”.

Well, both just started fixing the bumper – no screw driver, nothing……..they took my scale, some twigs ………….the bumper was repaired temporarily…….I realized I am so much away from handwork and dependent on others.


We introduced making of graph while we were making  codes “how many people like this and not like”

I was working with one child on schedule. She said “I will do a survey and then analyze who needs how much for each activity”.

She started with bar graph, ended  up with one survey cahrt and we are wating for people fill up their choices.

Can I ?

One of the child came to me and said “aunty we need to tell process to each child of hygine”

I said “we have been telling to kids, will our telling will make them think”.  The child immediately said “then we can ask each child make own process and share how will he/she likes work?”

Well, this interaction made me reflect on our working

My list

We went to buy bamboos and leaves for our shelter at O-campus. Coming back we stopped at basekt vendor. I was excited and I thought "let us just fininsh all buying of baskets".  Bahnava who is stitonery leader was thinking and thinking and finally picekd up 6 small baskets and one big basket.

My list was so big, her list was specific and immedte need based - I decided to go by her list :)

o is our

First day first show

Yeah, we began with loads of stories of eating aam to meeting cousin, playing with cousins. We shared what all we did in our holidays. Many were excited to share their thoughts, few were listening and asking questions about what happened. Few shared new games and we played new games. One child was missing his old gang and others gave him  ideas what he can do and how he can play with them. How he can make himself feel comfortable:). We missed our friends who have gone to other school and to O campus.


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