Fahrenheit and Celsius

One child came and told me “today’s temperature is 80”. I looked in my scale and said “it is 27”.

We both looked at the units - One was Fahrenheit and other was Celsius. 

Now the questions came “what is Celsius and Fahrenheit?” I started related to what he already knows (any other two different units)  – cm and inches.

We took one scale and saw “1 cm is this much and 1 inch is this much”………………after some time he exclaimed “so one is small and one is big but both are same temperature, which is NOW”.

Health and Justice

One child asked "what goal can I have for Open house"?

Here is what I answered
Me - What happens in open house?
Child - Cases?
Me - So!!!
Child - How can I have health in cases?
Me - So, what health I need to do justice? How do judges remain healthy? How do people take care of health in Jail? What happens to your health when you go to jail (before and after)...................

by the time child started working on his goal.

Its all about Body Intelligence

One child “I am tired, I cannot write more”
Another “I cannot write fast”.

We stopped for a pit stop

The solution was not to give techniques to write fast or develop any interest in writing. But the idea was to open up the body and support what one want and can do.
We began with MOVING hands in AIR.
Writing our names in air with big hand movements, favourite spellings…………shook our hands and moved ahead with writing – faster and more.

My own perspective

I was working with one 3yr old. We were copying “postures from nature”. We began with making posture for various things we see around us like mountain, tree table etc – I did not show him my actions, I asked him to make his own actions. His actions were completely different than what one would teach to the child.

In my early days I used to demonstrate and the kids would copy – I know, still they all make the same action for mountain posture. I closed their mind before they could open up or think :)


One of the parents suggested the song “Torero”. We played in sunshine this week at the campus. The song generated the curiosity "Is it Spanish, French????

We did not know the language, did not know how to pronounce, but the music made the whole song alive in our minds.  When we sang the song without the music, one child expressed “it is like poetry”. We all sang with the music and enjoyed the music and the instruments played in the song - we sang also!!!

Construct spellings


As part of weekly self assessment one of the child assessed that “I have moved up 1.5 ladder. (tracking)”. As per the tracing system, decimals are not available so she had choice of going back to level 1 or moving up to level 2.

She choose to stay at level 1, I suggested her that she could make it 2, She said “it is in the process and I have yet not achieved, so I will keep it at level one only”.

Purely Pure

During the week of scientific thinking different kits were got into the session. We have few 5 years old who with their actions totally bowled me over.  Initially they were observing the kits being used by others, waited patiently no questions asked may be lots inside them but nothing in the open. As they got their hands on the box there was no stopping them.  I was really soaked into just looking at them,  taking each thing one by one, looking at it from all angles, keeping it in different places, using it in many places.

Thought club

An interesting journey with children through thought club.  We started thought club in O campus (I) last week. Few shared, few were with their thoughts, few did not share. For me as faculty it was a bigger challenge just to listen to them, without adding my own coating on it.

Learning by Doing @O-campus Update

Around 20 kids and 20 adults came for learning event at O-campus, Kelmanagalm.

Kids were completely soaked in doing. Adults were curiously finding about the place, concept and learning opportunities.


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