Dear Parents,

Many of our children are reading, and they read a lot, they are read a lot by, peers, parents etc. Many of our children write "wrong" - they really write phonetically and hence it appear wrong.

While it is not wrong to ask for a correct spelling, it is also not right to label as wrong writing.

competition OR co-operation

Someoen shared "during live station kids wanted to show "how is my drawing".
I experienced the same sometime inside me when kids show competition, eagerness to be praised
In my workshops also people ask "I do not do, but  my child compares".

At Aarohi the child is experiencing "self praise, cooperation etc".
Outside child may be experiencing "praise, comparison, etc ete

So what is OUR role?
I think our role is PURELY to EXPOSE the child to various aspects.

English Teacher!!!

Me and one of the child - together committed to work one hour during learning time “exclusively on reading and writing”. We do work one hour, Monday to Wednesday. We work in the evenijg, noon - any time of the day. He does some from his side at home, we sometimes do in the train, weekend at O-campus also - all this is bonus.

A gift without reason

What a way to start a Monday morning welcome ... by receiving a Parker pen as gift to match the welcome objective of Writing. Screams of wow and ahs was followed by admiring the pen and the pad. Thanks to British Embassy and our own Nayana aunty, children in Aarohi got a pen and a note pad as a gift. The joy of just receiving a gift without any easonwas evident on each and every face. From surprised looks to WOW this belongs to me was amazing.

Saaf safai ka bhi maaza

Science Lab at Aarohi

Often people wonder "what about big labs and other resources when a child grows?"

Possibly often one’s sense of learning begins with controlled structures called “science lab”. While we ourselves have got very less form these labs at schools, we are still caught up with those structure called labs.

Writing kit

We gave a WRITING KIT all at O-campus in the beginning of writing week.

It had

We create our own working - we are Amable!!!

Sharing our journey at O-campus of “sense of belongingness”.

First month was to just know our needs and soon the pink house became a place of dumped things. The house did not have any shelves, cupboard or any racks. The house has two small bedrooms (smaller than spring) and one hall as big as jungle.

I can take care - I am Amable!

I have learnt from two kids in my session.

My health - I am AMABLE!!!

I have learnt from two kids in my session.

One child 14yrs old had Jaundice and she took complete care of herself. Her entire treatment was based on food restriction to care for Liver and she did all by self – visiting doctors, understanding form them why I need to eat certain food and certain not, she also did whole research on Liver and its function. When we used to have snacks, she used to serve us to keep her busy (she shared).


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