Highly recommended science book

I believe one of the best science books is a fat blank book (preferably with TABS for categorization)
  • On each page the child starts with a question (eg: How rains happens)
  • Further on that page the child writes down all the possible questions related to the above question (eg: why it falls at

Aarohi is Frustrating ! :)

This happened in i-campus. When I was busy in my amable work, one faculty walked in with a Aarohi child. She shared, 'child wants to share her feelings. Please record it in your camera'

I switched ON and asked her to share her feelings. Following things came out.

'Aarohi is so frustrating.

Here you have to constanty think, think, think.. 

and we have to do our own work.

In other schools, teachers write on the board and we have to only do copy.

Democracy is challenging

one of the days, one of the children was again and again climbing the dust heap, inspite of other children telling him not to do he continued to do, finally one of the mason scolded and teh child stopped doing this? One child refused to take other one as parther, becsue other one was not committed for teh work. 

The thought we pondered “is it in my hand, what kind of behaviour I get from others?”

I can, I am Amable

                                       Aarohi means evolving..

Engineering ALIVE

Thunder and lightening at the campus brought a new learning opportunity for us. After a thunderous lightening and heavy rains, our entire solar system came to an halt – we had no electricity at the campus for 3 days. We are still working on it……..we inferred “lightening struck somewhere around and it affected our solar panels and UPS”. Loads of research and efforts went into to understand the whole phenomenon.

All HOM in one

We were talking about HOM (habits of mind). One child expressed that “I want to work on “trustworthiness”. So the next question in mind was “is only honesty means trustworthiness?”  We began with a  mind map and started exploring what all is trustworthiness.  

Tree or a plant?

How do you know by seeing a sapling that this a plant or a tree, a flowering plant or a fruit tree? Simple – plant it and OBSERVE.

Two kids at the campus have taken up the responsibility of plantation at the campus. We were gifted few plants and we did not what is what. The kids decided to mark an area, plant the trees and observe them.  Will it be a tree or a plant ?………….wait till they bloom.

Cycle stand - my need

Our cycles were stolen. We are now very careful.

Sympathy or Empathy?

One child was teased by others “you do not know to read”.  

This child brought his anger in dirt cleaning. He shared his own past how he was not studying……what he think snow, what he wants to do now, how he had been mentored, and so on. He spoke for 45 minutes, and all listened without asking a single questions. He kept on sharing “I am very angry, how can you say that?” Next day I brought the thought “so we want to work with sympathy or empathy?”

I manage my First Aid (I am able)

At Aarohi, children are responsible for their own and common resources. That Includes first aid box too.  As part of their learning they also go through their First aid training by a medical professional. They are responsible for checking the first aid boxes, packing it, and making a list of required medicines. 

They are learning through this process.  They are asking questions and exploring there after. Questions  like

1. What is allopathy, homeopathy, and naturopathy?


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