Funny First aid leader

We have very funny and enlightening first aid leader at O-campus. She is 7yrs old.

better or worsen

We were doing destination. I was discussing one question with a child “When others were not like me I accepted others”. One child shared “I used to think I am better than them, they are worsen than me. But today I told myself, however you are you are better. Noone is better or worsen”.

project and workshop

We were exploring the contents of culture workshop. We were sharing our thoughts on Architecture. One child said “I can take Architecture; this will also help me to explore structure of my Café in project”.


One child was constantly talking about trains, I told him “I can no more listen about train”

After some time he came to me and said “I will not talk to you about train, I will tell you about Kareena”.

This led to gossip about Kareena during snacks time – her love affair with Saif, Saif’s divorce, his previous marriage, his kids……………

Found O-campus

Our search for O-campus continued during morning walk. Today we climbed bigger and rocky mountains (as kids described). Three kids were leading the walk, I was 99% sure, it is not the path. But as per my religion and oath I followed the leaders. And WE FOUND our land – we could see from the top of the mountain our land !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next week they also want to go to campus directly from the walk and breakfast to be supplied at the campus.

Weight and Wait

While writing about what sports does to us one child wanted spelling of weight. I assumed wait and I wrote wait. She said not this wait the other weight and with actions showed me what she wanted.
On interaction on how she knew that Wait was not what she wanted - she responded I know the spelling of this WAIT. I know the meaning. But at many places I have seen Weight so I identified which spelling I wanted.

On and Off

During discussion of  why and what of sports one child spoke about being healthy.

Contact point of faculty

Today at Aarohi we all together did “contact point for faculty”. We made groups of twp and did the same process we do for kids………….And I realize this was purely “self assessment” for me “how I am working?”.


We were making checklist at O-campus – we realized If we make and give to kids then how are kids going get involve – this becomes more of a rule and without understanding the kids ask “can I bring this, can I do this?.....”.  Well, we diced to also make three kinds of checklist

What time?

Last week the kids did not get up in the morning – we had to wake them up. We consistently followed the schedule without any other strings – no  threat, no bribe, no gyan or even no expectations.

  • Kids were tired we woke them and went for morning walk at 6:55 (scheduled time 6:303)
  • Kids did not get up, we woke them up and started yoga at 6:45

This week on Monday kids worked on schedule with the schedule leader and announced “we will sleep at 8:30pm. 9pm is late and we are not able to get up”.


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