Muscle Man

Few broom sticks and few rubber bands – THAT’S ALL!!! We needed to play around and explore our muscles and use as a reflective tool.

All age kids were busy building muscles man with broom stick and rubber band – identifying the muscles, which are being used and not being used in their body. When is feeling tired or active and what will muscle man do?

One child wanted to know scientific names of the muscles while another one wanted to just see the pictures of body, one was connecting with self while another was asking others and so on.

I need to listen

One child in session was crying “I want to go to mummy, what is time, when will I go to pink house, I am feeling sleepy, I do not want to work……………..”.

Day one we talked a lot about his mother “what all you do with mummy, what do you like with mummy, what is mummy doing now……………”.

Read Read Read

This week we explored words in different ways.

Whenever kids asked me the meaning of the new words – sometimes I explained the meaning, sometimes I told the similar meaning, sometimes we guessed the meanings, sometimes I did not tell, we did not look into the dictionary or ask anyone else. We observed the usage of the word, kept the word in mind to see the word again if we have used in other place and so on

Learn in different ways

Six kids and six goals – all six had their own way of working. They choose what they wanted to do, how they wanted to do, all in one session. We had one weekly objective and this week it was “visual observation”.

I played the role to bring rich resources, make environment challenging, understand their needs and listen to their minds. In the process I too learnt to look at various topics in different ways.

Floccinaucinihilipilification on cooking

Floccinaucinihilipilification time (means something trivial and interesting) 

Outdoor visit to a School in Pai Layout

We visited a Govt school in Pai Layout

Thanks to Girija Aunty, we got an opportunity to visit.

Social Relationships all around

Even before the social relationship week went live….while I was preparing the design, I could feel myself becoming alert about the different nuances of  social relationship. Different people shared with me, their  understanding about social relationship which made my understanding clearer …or so I think….:0

Circuit Circuit

Read these words DC lights, what and how  components are made,  what is bio degradable and non degradable, positive negatives, circuit diagram, melting etc etc.

Try Try

Try try and keep trying.As part of the live station, uncle was sharing how he works, how he used old cans and what all he did. Few children added yes, we need to try ad do things then it will happen. One profound statement which I got today- Even if you try once you cannot be sure of it to make a statement. You have to do the same things many times then you will see the thing happening.

Connecting my learning

Today we were part of a live station on making DC lights.  The discussions moved to what can melt and what cannot melt and how it melts. Immediately came in Tun Tun aunty from chota bheem and one kid connected to  the process of making laddus> In making laddus there is melting and how then the laddu becomes a solid. Do we still need to learn  the definitions of solids and melting when I am experiencing and connecting the same in different places. Something to ponder over.


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