Learning Utsav - Celebrating Learning

A day at Aarohi to celebrate diversity in learning!

The beauty of the event is the openness of the format, it allows one to participate in sessions of ones interest. It allows all ages to be equal, because everyone can teach and everyone can learn. It gives space for everyone from all ages, gender or background. 


Imagine when you get up in the morning you see a map on our mirror - a map of habits of mind. You randomly choose one of those, say perseverance.

Now whatever happens during the day, in your life you focus on perseverance.

  • You voice your thoughts aloud, "I wish I was more perseverant with the bargaining at the shop"

  • You invite thoughts via questions, "What would happen if Chota Bheem was not so perseverant in fighting with the dragon?"

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12 commandments by a parent

  1. You pursue other interests as they rise and till they hold interest. 
  2. Try and follow through a task you have undertaken till it’s finish line even if you will discard pursuing it.
  3. You are in Aarohi with a purpose. The main purpose is to discovering the real you.
  4. Also what the real you finds lasting passion in so that it may guide your chosen life path as a profession as well. 
  5. Never stop learning and being curious about learning. Learning is always in relation with yourself.
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My Journey - Self Directed Learning

As of today I am 20 years old. I am a Artist, Facilitator, Earth activist and self directed learner. I am going to share my journey as a self directed learner.

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Gratitude in abundance!

There was an announcement on mic “come and experience magical journey”. It was a gathering of more than 1000 people in LSUC, Bangalore. Some people joined - some of us knew each other just for last five days. But the experience was truly magical to see the energy of gratitude and appreciation flowing in the space. Every-time we do gratitude circle at Aarohi, our hearts are filled with gratitude for this magical journey. 

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Culture and History

History brings kings, queen, war and palaces in one's mind. But ever wondered the history of music, how and when football started, where did clothes came from, what is the culture of our home? Where did they get originated? What caused changes in any culture  or how cultures evolved? This week theme was "culture and history".


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Teen club - POP culture

Pop culture means Popular culture. We experience POP culture around us through words (like Damm, Bro, Dude), Music, Dressing, Movies, Books, sports, politics, ideas - anything that is in the current trends on a mass level.

We explored POP culture in our teen club and started with pondering.

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A day spent Bird Racing

Bird race is an annual event , where a number of Aarohi members participate to see most number of unique bird species in a single day of 12 hours. For people coming from campus that means extra cooking the previous day, starting at 4am from campus, driving about 120km and reaching back at 11pm.

Graphic Designing with Paolo

We draw, we paint, we create - A session with Paolo gave a direction to our skills of drawing, painting, and sense of colouring. Graphic designing with Paolo was to know more about the skills of designing - lines, colors, typography, many things play a role while composing and giving a shape to our thoughts. It was all about being conscious of different elements of graphic designing. 


A day of Handloom

Experience in Handlooms:
Silk thread Silk thread where do you come from?
I come from the sacrifice of life of silkworms
Pulled and Yarned and Made into bundles..
Silk thread bundle says  roll me into bobbins without knots
Thread says i am  colourful, silky, shiny.
Machine calls thread  to form pattern “X,V, and I”  knotted into needles,.
Electrical power says i am energy for you to make you run chuck, chuck, chuck.
Weaver says thread , i am your
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