Yes or No

How many of us mean when we say NO? How many of us clearly communicate ‘No means No’. Does it matter when NO comes from our inner voice?

We worked on ‘yes and no’ through drama. A concept introduced to us by Parul from Shaishav. Shaishav, is a volunteer organization committed to the rights of children. For any decision, our inner voice debate between yes and no - for example  ‘say no to join others who are teasing others or say yes to help or to say no to take that extra piece of cake’. We role played, we explored YEs and NO. Through drama to connect with the inner voice.

How do we make safe decisions - To go for a party or to take a chocolate from a stronger? Often our kids do not know how are they taking design? They are not sure If their decisions are safe? Parul introduced tools to empower and understand what is a safe decision. It was simple and joyful to dance to the safety floor and knowing by self If I am taking a safe decision or not. And also knowing that I am not taking safe decision :).   

She introduced 'safety dance floor'.

  • Do I have yes feeling or no feeling?
  • Is there an adult that I trust who knows where I am?
  • If I would need help, could I get it?
  • No means no!
  • Does no make difference when a male says no or female says no?
  • How do you say no? Anger, surprised, shy (uncertain)
  • When you want to say yes say yes when you want to say no say no.
  • Do we say no or give excuses?

The entire exercise gave us another view on making decisions.