What are we waiting for?

Good News - This Wednesday we did no have any one topic which was prepared by all of us from parent communication

We announced a talent show and each one had 30 minutes to prepare (including having dinner).  Show began in half an hour - some grouped over dinner and prepared a quick comedy show. Other talent which came forward  - acting, comedy, singing, poem reading, magic, riddles... we enjoyed preparation, watching and performing. 

We pondered over initial thoughts "What talent do I have? How an I do in perform in so less time? I was shy. Will people like it? Opportunity to exhibit to my talent". 

We shared about what this experience gave us " It was an experience to work under pressure, we learnt the value of time, I can do it. We all have so much of talent and we can do wonders in 30 minutes".

Thought we were left with "WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?"