We by WE

Cake burning for last three weeks, the dough needs understanding of fractions/ proportion.
Tyre seat tied up just like that, needs precision and marking.
Clay needs practice.
North Indian kids needs change in menu ( no rice means making of many Chapatis), so Akkas need help in making of Puri.
Sports need clear rules and understanding.
A visit to nearby schools to required for learning Mela.

Broken speakre needed a repair

Sudden rains due to cyclone in Arabian Sea inspired a child to take a session on Cyclone ( he himself does not know about cyclones)
One getting excited about numbers, wanting to play number Ganes. 
Dogs needs change in their food, need arises to search and research what can they eat and what not.
One child needs book rack to keep up the recent love of book reading. 
12th examination needs study and understatnding of the topics. It required tools like mind map to study effectively.
Many tyres around the campus attracting us to make tyre seats and swings.
Floor painting messed up, needs repainting.
One child making and failing gliders, we need to document his journey. Video needs editing and publishing.
Few are excited with the Caravan of one of the visiting guest, so someone needs to take them for a tour.
Few guest at the campus, needs care and attention.
Broken chair needs repair.
Few wants to work on reading
Few need to work on accounts of upcoming skiing course and travel to Kashmir.
One needs to find and negotiate the rates for the group for surfing.
Kitchen garden needs harvesting (vegetables continue to grow).
One child's bday needs surprise celebration.
One swing just now broke.
Chess needs some more inputs.
Newly gifted slack line needs assembling.
Day does start without a fitness routine and outdoor play. And the day ends with some entertainment and reflection apart from music and sports together.

And apart from all this normal running of the campus needs food for all (5 meals in a day), clean places, wadhef clothes, clean toilets, clean and organized resources.

And living together brings all kinds of emotions and they needs  attention. Dealing with them sometimes by self, someyimes in group or peers requires time, space and attention.

This is just one day at Aarohi. When one thinks of achieving all this by thinking ME, it's a overwhelming task. But when one thinks of this b thinking WE, it gives a sense of learning community.

In the community at Aarohi, learning happens not just by me for me but by WE for WE.