Visit to TDU

Visit to TDU

Herbarium is like a livr museum, a dictionary and encyclopedia of plants. 
It helps in collecting information about a plant. 
To make Herbarium at the campus/ home - Make a list of plants. Herbarium sheet should have flower and fruits. Press between two newspaper sheets and press with weight. Arrange them as per your need - local name, scientific name or usage.

The session on Primary Health Care helped in knowing about our role and rights our own health. We knew that it's part of life but did not know that it is all essential part of society as well. 
Health is the most precious possession one can have - to have anything, the basic necessity is to have HEALTH. It's not only the health but the public health which makes a difference. So How one can  preserve health? Knowing about health can help in preserving health. As per WHO health is the basic right of any life ( human, plants, animals). Primary health care is a system where each one of us is given basic health by state government. Knowing about disease and how they spread one can prevent the spread of the disease. Health is basic right. 
Right to
Clean and hygiene place. 
Access to nutritious food, clean water.
Access to appropriate treatment of common diseases and injuries.
Basic sanitation.

The concept of primary health starts at home. India has large tradition of home remedies, it began in our kitchen. 
For example while cooking turmeric is added in the oil. Have you ever thought of it? Turmeric is antioxidant. A part of turmeric you get only when you cook it with fat. For the body to observe turmeric, we need cook it with oil. Common health problems like acidity, constipation, cuts, wounds, fungul infection, mental tonic, hair care, dandruff, and general immunity can be treated at home with hone remedies.

A session on DNA brought a lot of curiosity on evolution and science of it. Meeting a scholar, who works on reading manuscript was bonus at the institute.

The visit to the institute helped us in knowing the infinite possibilities for any interest.