Visit to Rose Garden

We see roses, some of us like smell, some of us also grow in our home gardens. Visited a rose garden farm to enjoy seeing them grow, to know what goes in growing at a larger scale, work in the farm, meet the farmers, understand their lifestyle and thoughts.

Visit to Basavaraju’s farm just opposite our campus did not disappoint us. As soon we reached, his mother greeting with loud voice asking for apology for shouting at us previous day fearing that we were breaking their fence. Last time when some of us visited, we entered the garden through fence, this time we realized our mistake and took the longer route without damaging anything. She was still feeling apologetic.

We were greeted with open heart ‘yes, you can pluck flowers and help us’. They showed us different kids of flowers to pluck, when to pluck and how to pluck.


It was therapeutic for some to be in that space, coming closer to flowers at such a huge scale was joyful. Some of were us also a bit apprehensive with the usage of pesticides, We don't know if they are harmful or just herbal sprays.

Basavaraju shared his farming philosophy, “50% work for farm, 40% for other things and 10% for self. Farming is part of five elements and we all have come to this world for some purpose. If we all can do what we want, then there will be peace and harmony”, he says.

Some kids who are also interested in gardening were very positive about their association with Basavaraju when he invited them “come any time, take any seeds, come and work and learn any day”.     

Came back with joy admiring miracles of  nature and in creating flowers and adding beauty and open and big heart of Basavarju to make us feel at home.