Visit to Rayakottai Fort

Searching for places to trek in surrounding areas - we got to know about Raikotai fort via some blogs written by some generous travellers.

Here is what we did on this outdoor

Ate an amazing breakfast at Rayakotai (iddlies, puries, dosas and bisi coffee)

Trekked half way up (half hour) - fond a huge cave and explored the cave - in and out and jumped from a 8 feet high pillar. Some contemplated spending one night here

Then trekked the rest of the way up (one hour) - through lush green wild growth around the ruins of fort and found to our delight huge rock at the top of the fort which we could climb and jump around and just enjoy.

Along the way enjoyed varied kinds of plants, insects, butterflies and birds

Weather Gods played the perfect benefactors with amazing cloudy but not rainy cool breezy 'suhana' sky.

Finally we climbed down (took 40min) - collecting (plastic) garbage on the way that others had left - in our own small attempt to leave the lovely Rayakotai fort clean.

We wanted a simple, beautiful trek for half a day - Rayakotai fort was a perfect gift.

We could visit Raikottai fort because someone wrote a blog. Inspired by that gift, one of the child summarized his thoughts  - When we reached i was thinking where is the way to go to the fort. Then we were climbing the stairs i felt when we will reach the top then there was an arch we gathered then we moved ahead there was a beautiful scenery of buildings and vehicles moving .then we went to a temple in the rock cave kind of thing there we saw a secret passage i felt that we are in a house there was kitchen and storeroom. then went more up and did rock climbing the scenery was good we saw many birds. While coming back i collected garbage from the fort how much i could and tell thanks who ever has made the fort. At the end i felt how did someone conquer that fort which has many secret passage and why are we throwing garbage in such a good place of nature that was my best experience of a fort in my life.