Visit to Art Gallery

Thank to Tejasvi for looking at museums and Galleries a as interactive live learning spaces. Inspired by her work, we visited National Gallery of Modern Art in Bangalore.

Some wanted to see exhibition of painting to get more ideas for designs, some wanted to get inspired, some wanted to know history, some just joined the trip to gallery.

Six feet long painting by Madhavi, an artist from Delhi was inspiring. The theme of the painting was last supper but we got inspired to see use of colors and lines in her paintings. Some of us made our own story. Each story required looking at painting in different ways. Various portraits display gave us a peep into various types of expressions. We made some portraits in the gallery while some posed for the portraits. While looking at sculptures, we made our own live sculptures on various themes and the sculptures in the galley came alive with this little play.

Some of us came back inspired to have our own exhibition and explore art more.