Value Conversation

“What did you eat? I also watched this movie. I went to a restaurant. I went to a party. That is cool”...often the talks are limited to limited experience kids have around them. To add value to our conversations, we engage ourselves in sharing the circle and meaningful conversations. Anyone is free to announce the topic, anyone is free to join, This week the topics were ‘just about boys and girls, about yoga, about education philosophies, about mass communication, about the time frame, about butterflies. The conversation was supported by books on the topic. 
Kids of 6-7 yrs joined a session to know about why yoga and its importance, while a group f 10-12yrs boys got engaged in book reading about “just about boys” (the book talks about growing up boys and their needs). A group of adults found themselves reading education philosophy. Girls of 7 and 10yrs old got engaged in reading about “all about girls” while a history enthusiastic got engaged in reading about “time frames” and explored what is BC? One car enthusiastic child brought all about supercars and their engines. While one shared her subjects of the 12th standard examination.  
No teaching, no homework, no exams - just sharing and peer learning based on interest adding value in our learning journey.