Understanding Artist and Art

Art is often restricted in our lives till the age of 6-7 yrs. Kids draw, they paint and then they forget. Few who believe that they are good, continue the journey, rest all discard the artist in themselves. We read about the artist, we see their paintings and often they are either a story for us or something very far for us.

Art session with Sunitha and Ranjini at Giggles brought us closer to art and artists both.

Many of us heard about M F Hussian for the first time,. Many touched the paint tubes for the first time. Many worked on big sheets for the first time and we all created wonders. Ranjini started the session with talking about Hussain and his art style. She then talked about Mother Teresa and then she talked about Husain and painting of Mother Teresa. This was good enough stimulation for all us to connect with that hidden artist inside us. Many started with apprehension ‘can I paint?” and all of us ended up creating an art piece and to finding a genie inside us.