Trip to Bettamuglalam

I was really very interested to explore that what all we have in nearby towns. So started searching on Google and later it showed me placed near Denikankottai .Then came two types of places religious and wildlife. I asked everybody's opinion which type of place they want to visit so most of them said wildlife. So I went in detail what all is there in wildlife, how far is it from campus and all the routes. So it was good to explore new place. The challenge was that everybody was believing me as I had done the research.So they had to ask me about all the questions like distance,where to have food etc. Then also I had to check the reviews of the place because if the reviews are good then only it's better to go .Also it took alot of time to check everything in detail also I wanted everybody to enjoy and like the place.


I wanted to explore nearby forests ,did research of the  forests looked over different blogs of people and got to know how the place works. Also saw the images of the forest to get the idea, scheduled  visit to the forest and then started the journey from the breakfast at Sarvana Bhawan . The food was good and also we communicated with the manager for the routes and nearby places. We started with Bettamugalalam ,drove into the forest observed the farming of the place and farmers had grown very beautiful flowers in their farm .Later went to the elephant tower to see elephants but fortunately could not see any  as it is not the season. The place was all surrounded with beautiful trees and most of them were bamboo trees . Unfortunately all of the bamboos were dead as their life span was over .But still it was adding a beautiful view to the forest .There was a lake opposite the elephant tower .There were so many fishes in the lake and also we tried to catch some of them .Later went more into the forest,enjoyed the lovely weather ,feeling the breeze we went to a great height and saw very beautiful hills from the top. We were also enjoying the turnings into the forest ,met some bikers who were doing off roading .We also tried to capture some birds like kingfisher etc.Later went to Aaranaya awareness camp to see the living place and also ask them if we could do camping there.Then we went to Yarab Baba dargah to seek some blessings .