A trip to Badami

Travelling teaches so many lessons, difficult to even think while sitting in the comfort of our homes. The trip to Badami was no different for us.

A group of 25 (7 to 50 yrs old) people, needed to board train in two minutes...we did it. It's not about that two minutes but the opportunity of a huge preparation behind that two minutes boarding.

Train stops at Badami for two minutes..we all got down safely. It's not about that one minute, but the responsibility each one took for self to ensure safe travel.

Nothing was served on platter...food team to ensure food was organized, travel team to ensure understanding of routes and travel schedules, safety to ensure safety, first aid team to take cared of all the hurts and health during the trip, Communication team to ensure in time Community with parents and also documenting each moment of the trip...all done in a team 7yr old was not small to arrange for breakfast for all us, 24yr old was not any less to decide all our travel arrangements, 10 yr old was not irresponsible to ensure safety of all in the group, 13yr old was not any less equipped to handle the complete account of the trip, 12yrs old was not  any less to decide and coordinate hotel stay for the whole group and 50 yrs old was not big to decide in his own the buying of a coffee!

We climbed and conquered cliffs... Some climbed many times, some few sometimes and some just one try, some none. We not only  conquered rocks, we also conquered our fear, anxiety, inhibition and even our own physical, mental and emotional limits. We reached high and higher and highest. Two days of rock climbing, seven routes explored for rock climbing with the dedicated team of Kowshik, Ganesh Santosh and Hanumantha.

Pattakadal Group of Temples, and cave temples and Fort ruins...yet another day with rocks of Badami.

We experienced... liberating, happy, excited, not giving up, scared, persistence, excited, nervous, scared, gratitude, relieved, grateful, determination, caring, perseverance, observation, thinking, taking risks, taking decisions, pausing and taking action, connecting, humor, satisfied, disappointed, caring, connecting, exciting, accepting, nervous, difficult, sharing, irritated, interesting, humorous, thinking, fear, finding, listening, blissful, Initiative, scared.

We experienced.. clarity, involvement, maintainance, parts of the temple, joints, fragrance, carving, two colour plants, different stones, big and small shivlingam, Nandi, window designs, square, praying, cool breeze, cold interiors, dark, inscription, languages, balance, kings, royalty, building, reliving, wondering,  textures, lines, story in every carving, invasion, lost in wondering, devotion, imagination of stories, inspiration, hardwork, techniques, rocky, old culture, old things, old architecture, bells, shivlingam, broken statue, scary rooms, designs, words, house, monkey, squirrel, bats, people, trees, lake, temples, birds, carvings, ruins, Mahabharata war scenes, buddy pillars, inscription, creativity, interdependence, responsibility,  precision, persistence, stunts, peaceful, joyful, ancient, amazing architecture, beautiful, position, tall buildings, no modern technology, wonderman, sculpture, structure, historical artifacts, geometric, perfection, symmetry, destroyed idols, blissful, religious, symmetry, pilaster, intricate, war grounds, call of the king, dome, ridge, canon, king walk, technology, fort, language, signatures, stories, magnificent, majestic, torture chambers, defence chamber, weapons, strong walks, scientific, chemical reactions (rocks), alignment, archeology, hammering, pillars, myths, tank, craft, tools, iron, chemicals, ruling system, unfinished carving, errors, predecessor, ancestors, successor, god, dilapidated town, contrast, royal, wealth, poverty, abode, time, patience, devotees, rituals, procedure, avatars, society, nerds, civilization, development, natural resources, humour, making, research, precise.

Thank you is not enough to express the deep gratitude for this trip. Thank you Kowshik,  Ganesh, Santosh and Hanumantha for their love and compassion. Their involvement and dedication to each climb was an humble and mesmerizing experience. 

Many of us had packed fear, anxiety, limitations and beliefs in our suitcases to the trip to Badami. Their tireless efforts helped many of us to leave behind all those fears and limitations. We all brought joy and deep experience of each climb, each failure,  each rock and each step.