Training of forest fire

Summer brings dry season at the campus and this also increases the possibility of forest fire around us. One of the tools we use for our safety is we make fire line. This also allows some of us to get trained in handling forest fire. Since the making of fire line is planned it allows all ages to take part. 
Some of the kids who were trained earlier and have been working on preventing forest fire in the campus took the lead and arranged for this session. Presenattaoosn were made, surveys were done, do’s and don’t were informed and finally the drill was planned. 
FIRE brings fear and when it blazes it also brings panic. The training of the mind in case of fire is to fight with (douse) but the forest fire needs patience and waits for the right moment to douse the fire. It also needs a decision to let few things and burn and let go. It also demands observation and question beliefs on danger.  It also needs understanding the tools. The power of green branches which are used the only tool to douse the fire can be admired. 
While the community is working hard to make area greens, we are also working to face what comes on our way. 
After first-day training, the second day most of the kids wanted to take part again!