Toy Designing

We all see toys around us, - ever wondered how are they designed? At Aarohi we got an opportunity to design toys for a cause. And this brought an opportunity to understand the design process.

Ritika, a Graphic designer took us through the design process - and she began with "what is the difference between a Toy or a Game?" hmmmm never thought about this. The question made us think and we realised that a toy can be open ended while mostly games are close ended ( have a certain way to play, outcome and rules to play). Wondering the design process? How innovation happens? How does one start creating anything?

Imagination, possibilities,  variations, creations, observation, feedback, trying, thinking, designing, who is the user?,  how to use?, context, Children psychology, improve cognitive? Develop skills, Where will it be played? Material? Sensory material - color, touch, texture, sound, taste? Technology?...were some of the words we visited few times during the session. The process of observation is often the starting point - who will play (age, gender), how do they play, what are the different options?   Wired can be great, Focus on learning not teaching, Trial and error, Be flexible - normally no instructions and KEEP IT SIMPLE

Ever wondered a Cardbox as a toy - ever changing toy?  

Peekaboo - 3-4 months,  Sit inside and play - 7-8 months, Pull around the house - 10-12 months, Draw on it - 15 months, cut and make Face mask - 20 months, make a toy golf - 2yrs .. and the endless possibilities.

The session allowed us to look at toys from a designer's perspective and it was new for some, confusing for some, wow for some, discovery for some and stimulation for some.


Another session with Dinesh and Nikhilesh from QTPI gave us another perspective on toy designing. It was about Robotics - what is a Robot? Is washing machine a robot? How about making toy robot using technology. It was engaging, participating and playful to experiencing assembling and action in our toys.

Thank you all for brining toy alive by brining the new perspective.