Things and people we rely on everyday

This session was to explore things and people we rely on to make each day possible. We started with discussing about how a plant survives, what are the things they are dependent on. Kids participated eagerly… Then the whole class made a human clock with children in the place of the numbers in the clock. Each number had 2 or 3 child.  They were asked to think of a thing or a person whom they rely on at that particular time. They discussed in their group and they were asked to share or act it out.  


As many of them wake up around 6 am, we started with them…. They shared mother, alarm, brush, water, toilet.. Then 7am – book, pencil, pen, eraser, mother, milk… Then 8am – mother, food, bag, bus, father…. And it went on…… Each time they were questioned to look deeper on what all they rely on… Say for milk, they were asked how they get it? They said from cow, and milk man gets it. Then they slowly started to extend their list of things and people they rely on…. Likewise for food, they went from grocery shops to farmers. Kids found it interesting to know that they are relying on people whom they have not seen also.. Then we thought about how we can have a better relationship with the people around.. Kids came up many solutions like being friendly, helpful, sharing and understanding others….. Kids also reflected on any person in their life and a word to describe the relationship with that person. Many said mother – food, father – buying things, grand-mother - get anything they want, teacher – learning…..