Surfing in Mulki

Surfing - it brought both excitement as well as fear (will I be able to do it)

You see we aren't used to dancing on the waves.

I too was not sure for me surfing at the age of 49. 

But once we reached Mulki, cleaned the beach, did out drill on the beach - all wehad to do was to hit the waves and surf along - we rode, we fell, we had salf water all over and inside us, and we went back for more.

Three days of surfing and we realised how a simple thing (wave) can turn into so much fun as well a sport.


Some of us also struggled to cope with fear on the first - day - here is one child's story:

 One child was not very comfortable with swimming as well as with sea. But something in him made him come for the surfing trip.
He was scared - so while he would start the wave - he would not stand up on the surf board - he was too sacred to stand up - and hence eventually just fall off - unable to surf.
This happened for the whole 2 hours on first day - many aborted attempts - the scare just becoming more.
Everytime he came around - all i said to him was its alright to be scared.
In the evening i reinforced this again - but did offer him to visualise in his mind (in the night) that he is able to stand up on the surf board.
Morning during surfing (same story) - so i told him - scare will not go - you will have to stand up with the fear. Once you stand up - the fear will have to decide what to do - go or stay.
Then I told him to say aloud  (shout at top of his voice) "i love you fear, i kiss you fear, i hug you fear".
Next wave - he stood up.
Then onwards fear just fell in love with him :-)
We also enjoyed Kayaking and stand up paddling - again getting more friendly with water as well with the balance in our body.
The trip was made even more amazing by the lovely group of people (see
who served us some really delicious veg food. The stay was super and we had a great three days making friends with sea, waves and our bodies and fears.