Summer week 1 - Choices

Choices are "what I want to do". 
Non choices are "what I have not explored yet". Every time I make a choice, I leave some choices...I chose to do carpentry, I am leaving out cooking or reading a book. And that's what we experienced in first week of summer.

"I am able, I can choose and leave out what I don't want do". The invitation was to be aware of what one is choosing and what one is leaving ( non choice). 

Through various processes we brought the opportunities to experience choices and non choices. After experiencing choice first three days, last day we also brought "non choices". And the day was "non choices"! Do atleast one thing which you have not tried and that's where many of the experiences emerged, the day unfolded with many more barriers broken of self...going out and using tools to make show monster, cooking, chopping vegetables, painting wall, baking pizza on fire oven, theatre and night trek.

And the choices offered were unlimited. All went around and shopped for various choices available to discover self. The choices offered from carpentry, cooking, electrical, land work, art work, music,  dance, drama, making, crating, experimenting, stitching, mending, designing, failing and anything possible on the earth. Doing involves trying, thinking, failing, searching, designing, problem solving, understanding, communicating, inventing and also succeeding.


No teaching, no teachers...all about doing and learning from experiences.


Planning session brought an opportunity to design our days " what I want to and how I want do".
Safety stall brought an opportunity to understand campus and role in safety of self, others and environment.  

Aarohi ki dukan brought the opportunity to buy own snacks with various patterns.

Learning Mela brought an opportunity to teach others what one knows - make an arch with mud and stones and make your hands dirty, theatre, know about aeroplanes, understand music, know about food science, understand food, make rag dolls and origami. 

Session on theatre was to break own apprehensions "each one us can act and perform". Impromptu theatre brought a platform to perform freely and be ourselves. 


Thought club at the end of the each day brought an opportunity to come together to play games, reflection, dance together n various folk music across the world and document our weak in our own words.
Various sessions conducted by all people of various ages like reporter of the day, emotion of the week, music Jockey, daily diet, morning fitness, community sports, and organising a trek brought opportunity for peer interaction and contributing the wisdom of all. 
Trekking in night was just a small but deep experience for many to reach out to their own fears.
The trek in nearby forest started with early morning wake up - many thought they will not be able to get up so early. But it didn't take much effort to early and walk through those rocks and thorns and cooking our breakfast. The walk, the cooking...all brought an opportunity to many interactions and decision making.

The week ended with reflecting and coming together. Imagine Aarohi, where we live, learn and grow together!