Stars assess self

Imagine  Aarohi where there are no tests and exams - because we believe that children can assess themselves, can reflect on this work on an ongoing basis. Also because children do not need to learn for some external objective (marks) but for their own love for learning. 

This term we assessed ourselves with parents by sharing our stars - we called it ‘STAR party’! 

Each one brought starts - stars of work, stars of specific moments, stars of accomplishments, stars of work in progress, stars of something exploring, stars of growth (social, emotional, self), stars of failure. Stars were shared by each child then starts were shared by parents and finally by the facilitators based on their observation. 

EXPLORATIONS - Aquaphonics, chess box, safety training, volleyball,  Eating and plucking mulberries, maths, climbing in Hampi, Algebra, Repairing bus beading, formulas and account spread sheets, maths not page wise but from middle, switch box wiring, new ways of making name plates, candid photography, video editing, science, maths in real life, campus care, how different ways make book stand and knife stand, labeling, drilling machine, quiling, different ways of sketching, oil pastels, Mandala designs, sliding without holding, tree glue, understanding volume, quilt making, zentangles, taking bath on own, copying night sky, science experiments, my in retest, ways of using brushes, different colurs. painting, sudoku, writing letters, clay play, making chapatis, volleyball, writing, different material to make model, cooking, recipes. 

MOMENTS - Reading in the train, outdoor trip to Hampi, Mythology, confidence in taking sessions, observing wild flowers, book reading(never thought will like reading), quilt making, my bday party, first day at the campus, learning to express feelings and opinions, making Zentangles, science concept mind maps, making fidget spinner, repairing bus beading, working everyday in accounts, make my own name plate, work with guest, know about history, making a weapon with natural elements, adventure, climbing the tree, making clay model, jumping from the rock.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS - Climbing Tirupathi hills,  repairs like switch board and black board, wall building, reading, knowing state capital of India, searching new recipe and making, learning to operate sewing machine, expressing through drawings, making name plates, making Indian flag and parachute, visiting govt offices of Kelmangalam, gift factory, making different cakes, learn to make chicken curry, reading two novels, making cardboard house and making paper sword, go higher in tree climbing, running 4kms, taking guest for campus tour, leaving a project was failure, learning about shading, 

SELF GROWTH - Mindset changing from its hard to I can do, accepting my mistakes, taking little bit responsible, expressing my needs, improved social skills and played with others, I know how to grow plants, understand Englishman, interacting with guest and conducting sessions, making my own sketches, working in teams to listen to others, cooperating while playing, reading without getting g diverted, open to new people, anger management by bringing humour Money consciousness, learning about what skis  people have, there is nothing like age difference, ask questions, learnt to communicate, cleared mind blocks, I pushed myself to climb wall, express my needs, conducting sessions, I grew to think positive, helping others, focusing on my task by closing my ears, talking with other people, not leave my projects in between, first time conducting session and face the audience.

WORK and WORK IN PROGRESS - Wall painting, reading, menu manager job, making of tool house, making name plate, taking different sessions like daily diet, reporter etc, making of flush shower, conducting quiz, stand for solar oven, practicing spellings, knife stand, solar water, practicing hand writing, my job, repaired hand fan, my business, campus warden, football, making of Tippy tap, learning chess, job of accountant, different things in Maths, stick to Algebra till I understand, find recipe, learn to grow vegetables, finding questions, plant a Banyan tree, Aquaphonics, learning table tennis, play football, reading novels, learning new words, climb tree going one day one step high, making laptop fan and bike, making telescope, blackboard painting, wall labeling, reading, learning to write stories in Kannada, make crochet mat, many kind of stitches, wet on wet painting, organizing my cupboard cleaning.

Parent's OBSERVATION - Socially comfortable, exploring more physical games. Deeper into art and craft, getting into more other areas, confidence in talking in public, enthusiastic to share information, adapting to the situation, staying with interest after changing many interest, learning to express in different ways, learning to get along socially, consistency and dedication in doing the work, enjoying the job of accountant, giving importance to fitness, there is rapid change in thought about fitness, not wasting time, wanting to Utilizing every moment, learning new skills, so many things learning simultaneously, engrossed in whatever he is doing, open for discussion, shift from following others to focus to self, shift from I can't read to I can read, understating own resistance and mind blocks, open to try by himself, understand self, worked on anger management, started exploring more skills, from weakness physically to happy kids, making an attempt to learn, taking initiative to learn, decide for self, growing, time management, child is the source of learning, relationship with the child, learning to communicate and express needs, able to have critical conversation with the child, sense of time have improved, interest in maths have gone up, take care of self, help in kitchen, capable of expressing, picked up skills like Gymnastics and  wall climbing, started picking up reading using sounds, takes care of people around him, listening have improved, maturity in self learning, more self disciplined, sense of Integrity, honesty in accepting parental direction, caring, develop self-confidence, developing reading interest, identifying self interest, improved perspective in health and hygiene, clarity in making decision, find solutions, picking maths very well, read a lot of story books and writing, always has something to do, not reading before but now reads, fairly dependent, helps in kitchen, not at all speaking now speaks, now mixes with people, more expressive, busy with doing, collects things and doing, sharing of what is learning, resistance has reduced and sharing has increased, works independently, celebrating to see the growth, never seen confused, stay with herself and address self needs as well as others, independent, managing self emotions, easy to have conversation.