A spark

A little spark, A reason, A need - that’s all is about learning and living at Aarohi.

The occasion of Ayudha Puja was enough for us to make a show on our resources and understand ‘reverence’.  Each one shared one resource with stories and added drama. Stories of a Paint brush, Cello tape, Torch, Broom, Screwdriver, Cutter, Head torch,  Mug, Water bottle, Notebook, Shoe, and Drillbit came alive on Aarohi channel in show time in thought club.


The commitment each day to explore new bring various sparks - Open any page, Highlight some words, Rewrite them, And a poem is ready. And top it with some poetry reading, Just the perfect recipe for an afternoon magic of one!

The joy of playing cards with various mathematical operations in Magic of one.

The constraint of cooking non-beg by self-brought an opportunity to learn chicken Biryani and make it YUMMY!

The occasion of Navratri to question ‘what is the significance of Dandia dance”? Leading to dancing and learning the dance in music jockey.

The thought of “my one outstation trip” led to first exploring what I need from the trip and thinking about designing own trips from nothing (I mean from scratch).

An idea “lets camp”, led to camping and failing. Three days of preparations went flooding in the rain when the tent was put up without rain protection.   


The need of more biscuits was raised in my voice - My voice an exercise to express thoughts, concerns, a suggestion in a forum! Two kids raised in my voice “Increase the numbers of biscuits from three to six in milk timings”. 


Imagine Aarohi, a life education, where learning happens because children want to learn from their life - for their life.